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  1. Kelly Y.

    Kelly Y.

    Los Angeles, CA Lose 5 pounds

  2. Jennifer R Y.

    Jennifer R Y.

    MN Lose weight and "run" my 5k's. I want to get fit and stronger. Jog another 5k in Oct. and at least 5-5k's in 2013. Participate in a Dirty girl 5k ;)

  3. Laura R.

    Laura R.

    Lansdale, PA March: Village Tavern Shock 5K April: April Fools Half Marathon 2:31:35 May: Broad Street

  4. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    Sub 5k road 25:00 Sub 5k trail 25:00 First 10k under 1 hour Run least 500

  5. Kim B.

    Kim B.

    US To finish Couch to 5k and run a 5k race! :)

  6. Heather


    Running the Boston Marathon better than last year's time of 5:57:49. Goal is 5:30 - 5:45

  7. Carolyn H.

    Carolyn H.

    2019 goals: sub 22:30 road 5k; sub 23:30 trail 5k; sub 47:00 10k; sub 1:44:00 half; run at least 1200 miles

  8. Ralph C.

    Ralph C.

    Baton Rouge, LA Age 60 and running since Nov, 2010. PR’s – 5k 22:07, 10k 48:30, HM 1:47:50. 2015 Goals: < 22:00 5k, < 1:47 HM, < 3:50 Marathon

  9. Medina


    Salisbury, NC

  10. Jennifer G.

    Jennifer G.

    St Louis, MO 5K Run/Walk for Freedom: Rescuing Girls from Sex Trafficking

  11. Natalie B.

    Natalie B.

    IL First 5K run

  12. Jennifer


    Minneapolis, MN Color Run July 15th, 2012 Minneapolis Half Marathon 2012 Monster Dash - October 2012

  13. Heather M.

    Heather M.

    Tucson, AZ Right now it would be to run a 10k and get my 5k time under 40 minutes!

  14. Mary R.

    Mary R.

    Nashville, TN To be able to run a 5K and feel great while doing it

  15. Constantine N.

    Constantine N.

    Cape Coral, FL Get my 5k time from 21:50 to 16 flat.

  16. Amy K.

    Amy K.

    Ames, IA Do a 5k and half this year along with Warrior Dash and Taekwondo tournaments.

  17. Shauna F.

    Shauna F.

    Murray, UT 5K in May to make it under 35 minutes

  18. Jennifer J.

    Jennifer J.

    US a 5K, and next year a triathalon.

  19. Neal J.

    Neal J.

    NYCM 2013, then BQ in 2014. Set some other PRs (5K < 21, 10K < 44, 13.1 < 1:37) along the way. (Plus open water swims and tris in summer!)

  20. Grant


    get my 5K time below 19 minutes.