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  1. Jennifer H.

    Jennifer H.

    Gainesville, VA 5Ks & Mud Runs | 2nd Sprint Tri | Hike like a Mad Woman | Cycle like there's no tomorrow | Mountain Bike more | Try Paddleboarding with my dog |

  2. Cleo H.

    Cleo H.

    Virginia Beach, VA 5Ks....goal is 19 min by October

  3. Roo D.

    Roo D.

    Sioux Falls, SD Running. I used to be an avid marathoner. Injury + weight gain=no running. Wanting to re-enter the running world, but need to lose some serious weight first.

  4. Kirsten J.

    Kirsten J.

    Richfield, MN pass PT test (that's 2 miles in 19:30)

  5. James B.

    James B.

    Fairfax, VA Sub 10hr 100k, Sub 7hr 50 Miler; Sub 4hr trail 50K; Sub 2:55 mary; Sub 1:23 half; Sub 18 5k; 155 gym trips; 250 sub 7:00 miles.

  6. Betty



  7. Guadalupe G.

    Guadalupe G.

    Biloxi, MS Stay healthy.

  8. Matthew T.

    Matthew T.

    Roxbury, MA various races.. and general fitness

  9. James P.

    James P.

    Columbia, MO I want to see 200# on the scale.

  10. Mike T.

    Mike T.

    Andover, NJ Just trying to stay in good shape and live a long time. I completed a 1/2 marathon and a marathon maybe in the cards sometime.

  11. Claire W.

    Claire W.

    Wallingford, CT

  12. Michelle P.

    Michelle P.

    Alexander, IA Half Marathon in May, faster 5K, and maybe a 10K in there somewhere...

  13. Chris


    Brookfield, WI Be fit.

  14. Bobbie P.

    Bobbie P.

    Harrodsburg, KY To become a better/smarter runner!

  15. Meg


    Fort Mc Coy, FL 1/2 marathon

  16. Gwen Davies H.

    Gwen Davies H.

    Raleigh, NC To run a marathon, sprint triathalon, and a half ironmane by the end of the year!! BIG GOALS

  17. Parker K.

    Parker K.

    Fremont, OH To drop my times in CC and Track and stay in shape for my triathlons

  18. Dot


    Providence, RI 1/2 marathon in October

  19. John C.

    John C.

    Manhattan, NY sub 1:40 half-marathon | another Ragnar | another marathon?

  20. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    Indianapolis, IN 23 min or under for 5K 1 hr 10 min for sprint tri 1 hr 45 min for half marathon