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  1. Aaron B.

    Aaron B.


  2. James B.

    James B.

    Fairfax, VA Sub 10hr 100k, Sub 7hr 50 Miler; Sub 4hr trail 50K; Sub 2:55 mary; Sub 1:23 half; Sub 18 5k; 155 gym trips; 250 sub 7:00 miles.

  3. Mike M.

    Mike M.

    CA Sub 3:25:00 Marathon (PR = 3:33:03) Sub 1:35:00 Half (PR = 1:38:13) Sub 44:00 10K (PR = 45:39) Sub 20:00 5K (PR 21:16)

  4. Guadalupe G.

    Guadalupe G.

    Biloxi, MS Stay healthy.

  5. James P.

    James P.

    Columbia, MO I want to see 200# on the scale.

  6. Michelle P.

    Michelle P.

    Alexander, IA Half Marathon in May, faster 5K, and maybe a 10K in there somewhere...

  7. Charlise


    Dallas, TX

  8. Bobbie P.

    Bobbie P.

    Harrodsburg, KY To become a better/smarter runner!

  9. Parker K.

    Parker K.

    Fremont, OH To drop my times in CC and Track and stay in shape for my triathlons

  10. Gabriel L.

    Gabriel L.

    Salt Lake City, UT Not being fat anymore

  11. Vincent A.

    Vincent A.

    Winter Park, FL Clermont Triathlon

  12. Dennis W.

    Dennis W.

    Virginia Beach, VA To be as good as my body and my mind will allow me to be!!

  13. Amanda M.

    Amanda M.

    St Petersburg, FL 50 Half Marathons in 50 States. Western Maryland Half 9/21, WHM AZ 11/4

  14. Jessica D.

    Jessica D.

    MN I completed my first full marathon in June of 2012. I've taken on the challenge of another full in May of this year--FARGO!

  15. Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Norman, OK Feel confident in my strength.

  16. Ingrid A.

    Ingrid A.

    San Diego, CA

  17. Kristi A.

    Kristi A.

    Kent, OH Tackle the Tower--FEB 4, 2012 Flying Pig--May 6, 2012 Warrior Dash-- June 2, 2012 Girls on the Run 5K--May 20, 2012

  18. John L.

    John L.

    Simi Valley, CA To enjoy the challenges, lessons, and successes of running for the rest of my life.

  19. Layne R.

    Layne R.

    Greenville, NC

  20. Kristin C.

    Kristin C.

    Savannah, GA