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  1. Beth A.

    Beth A.

    Portland, OR March 14 SHAMROCK RUN 5k March 28 FORT VANCOUVER RUN 5k April 24 EARTH DAY 10k May 23 10k RUM RUN July 31 Sprint Triathlon - 1/2mi Swim, 12mi Bike, 5k Run

  2. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Missoula, MT HeartWalk 2009 at UM and the Nike Human Race 10K

  3. Neal J.

    Neal J.

    NYCM 2013, then BQ in 2014. Set some other PRs (5K < 21, 10K < 44, 13.1 < 1:37) along the way. (Plus open water swims and tris in summer!)

  4. Marisa


    Columbus, OH sub-1:35 HM, sub-43:00 10k, race a 5k, and keep up with core & strength work!

  5. Eugenia


    Atlanta, GA fitness and weight loss for 5k and eventually 10k

  6. J Geoffrey B.

    J Geoffrey B.

    Brooklyn, NY Continue to improve my running while working to motivate and coach others through 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

  7. Margaret M.

    Margaret M.

    Arlington, TX 10K

  8. Neil A.

    Neil A.

    Omaha, NE A 10K sometime this fall.

  9. Heather H.

    Heather H.

    Motherwell, GB 5K 31:56.67(PB - 1st & only) 4th July 2010~10K 1:06:29(PB - 1st & only) 4th September 2010~Half Marathon on 31st October 2010 New to running in 2010

  10. Susan G.

    Susan G.

    I walk 5K, 10K & half marathons.

  11. Carolyn H.

    Carolyn H.

    2019 goals: sub 22:30 road 5k; sub 23:30 trail 5k; sub 47:00 10k; sub 1:44:00 half; run at least 1200 miles

  12. Shannon S.

    Shannon S.

    Milford, NH a 5k, 10k, and half before the end of the year

  13. Kate H.

    Kate H.

    Manchester, GB 10k in may

  14. J Francois C.

    J Francois C.

    Ottawa, ON See if I can still run a 10K in fewer minutes than my age (55 is my aim) and loose 8kg by end of May 2011.

  15. Kelcie L.

    Kelcie L.

    Little Rock, AR 5k in Fayetteville on April 16, 10k in Boulder on May 30!

  16. Thomas W.

    Thomas W.

    Algonac, MI Wheelchair Pushing - to complete a 10k in 1.5 hours Be competitive as a handcyclist with the cycling community

  17. Ralph C.

    Ralph C.

    Baton Rouge, LA Age 60 and running since Nov, 2010. PR’s – 5k 22:07, 10k 48:30, HM 1:47:50. 2015 Goals: < 22:00 5k, < 1:47 HM, < 3:50 Marathon

  18. Mark F.

    Mark F.

    Shepshed, GB sub 40 10k

  19. William V.

    William V.

    Utrecht, NL A sub 36 minute 10K would be nice...

  20. Florian N.

    Florian N.

    Salt Lake City, UT (Very) long term goals: 18:00 5K; 38:00 10K; 1:20:00 1/2 Marathon; 3:00:00 Marathon; 12:00:00 Ironman; Running ultra distances up to 100 miles