Friends (15)

  • Cagri G.

    Cagri G.

    Sunnyvale, CA, To run my first half-marathon.

  • Majo T.

    Majo T.

    Brooklyn, NY, Ran the New York City Marathon on November 7th, 2010. Now I want to run Five half-marathons in 2011 and while getting faster.

  • Andy C.

    Andy C.

    Pearl River, NY, To complete 4 1/2 marathons in 2013

  • Josh S.

    Josh S.

    Cranford, NJ, Get back into running... for real this time. Drop my new-found weight. There's way too much of it now Get back to racing shape

  • The Runs Nyc

    The Runs Nyc

    New York, NY, My goal is to run and meet some interesting people along the way.

  • Ilan


    NJ, To train my hardest day-by-day to get over my injury plagued season and race again.

  • Rebecca K.

    Rebecca K.

    New York, NY, 4:20 marathon @ MCM (10/28), sub 1:53 half marathon

  • Anastasiya K.

    Anastasiya K.

    New York, NY, Successfully complete NYC ING Marathon 2012 :) & Have lots of fun doing it!

  • Simon D.

    Simon D.

    Jersey City, NJ, 3:10 marathon in Feb 2012

  • Patrice C.

    Patrice C.

    Brooklyn, NY,

  • Eileen S.

    Eileen S.

    Clifton Park, NY, Finish 1/2 marathon in Aug., train for a Triathlon (I just need to learn how to swim 1st).....& be a a healthy life-long, injury-free, runner :-)

  • Chrissy G.

    Chrissy G.

    Brooklyn, NY, Another half marathon. Last was half run/half walk, looking to up the running amount. OR...sucking it up for a tri...

  • Kristi C.

    Kristi C.

    Kansas City, KS, My goal is to get more fit so I can improve my health for the next 50 years :-)

  • Matthew K.

    Matthew K.

    , Healthier Life

  • Niki B.