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2015 Races Lake Sammamish Half (Mar) Vancouver USA Marathon (Jun) ? (Apr-May) Victoria B.C. Marathon (Oct) ____ 2015 Goals <1:56 Half <4:15 Full

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  • 5 miles
  • 00:47 time
  • 610 calories
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  1. RUN
    good at work 5 mi 00:47 09:24 pace

    great run in the sunshine this morning while everyone was finishing the Boston Marathon. 2 minute intervals every 5 minutes.

  2. RUN
    good Bothell - Woodinville 8 mi 01:17 09:37 pace

    Beautiful sunshiny day! All of the fair weather exercisers were out on the trail. My favorite: woman walking in a shirt that read "last time I did a marathon it involved Netflix" :-)

  3. RUN
    good Thursday Night Running Group 4.32 mi 00:41 09:25 pace

    Running group in Woodinville. Nice to see Jason and Andrea join us; ran with them, Josh, and Blake. Nice run and the bugs weren't as bad as last few weeks because it was light the whole time.

  4. RUN
    good at the gym 4.1 mi 00:39 09:27 pace

    3.5 mile indoor run today on the treadmill @9:21 pace with the canned Hawaii run - elevation changes on it's own to match the terrain between -1.5 and +3.0 percent in 32:46. with warm up and ... read more

  5. RUN
    Everett 4.1 mi 00:41 09:56 pace

    wow! It is really raining outside this afternoon. Sure glad I got my run in early today! It was perfect - about 50 degrees and overcast. Moderate hills near work. (can't avoid hills around... read more

  6. RUN
    good Bothell - Woodinville 6.5 mi 01:07 10:19 pace

    Slow easy training run. Feeling like the Blerch today as my weight is up by 14 lbs since Berlin Marathon last Sept- after I worked so hard to shed 18 lbs last year preparing for that race. I need... read more

  7. RUN
    good Woodinville running group 4.45 mi 00:40 08:59 pace

    Nice interval workout with the Thurs night running group in Woodinville. Ran with Blake Bender and he kept track of the intervals - it was nice not to have to think about it :-)

    We meet at 7pm ... read more

  8. RUN
    good At the gym 4.5 mi 00:42 09:20 pace

    Elliptical / treadmill combo after work

  9. RUN
    good at the gym 4 mi 00:38 09:32 pace

    4 miles on the treadmill. kind of sad to waste the nice weather outside now though ...

  10. RUN
    good wear blue DuPont 5 mi 00:49 09:48 pace

    Great run in the sunshine at wear blue DuPont - got to see lots of friends! Sophie did great too; perhaps because she ran with me on Thurs too. She settled right down by mile 2 and stopped pulling... read more

  11. RUN
    good Woodinville running group 3.85 mi 00:45 11:41 pace

    Took Sophie with me to running group. I did a run/walk thing. But every time I would slow down Sophie would be pulling, trying to go faster :-)

  12. RUN
    good Duvall Sole Mates Running Group 4 mi 01:15 18:45 pace

    Took the dogs with me to running group but they are not allowed on the track. So I walked 30 minutes with them before we started, then 30 minutes without them on the track, and then 15 minutes wit... read more

  13. RUN
    At the gym 4.4 mi 00:45 10:13 pace

    45 minutes on the elliptical with no pain

  14. RUN
    Paradise Valley Conservation ... 4 mi 01:35 23:45 pace

    hike with the dogs in the woods at Paradise Valley Conservation Area near Woodinville.

    • Bill S.
      Bill S.

      counting the miles as running as my torn muscle is healing

      22 days ago Like

  15. Shared Photo

    A little bit of fun data: These are my total accumulated stats for the 5 years that I have been using Dailymile to log my workouts. Includes running, walking, hiking. and cycling miles. Gotta lo... read more

  16. RUN
    good Lake Sammamish State Park 4 mi 01:30 22:30 pace

    took the dogs for a long walk/tramp/hike in and around Lake Sammamish State Park since I can't run right now (have to wait until partially torn groin muscle stops hurting). was a nice day for... read more

  17. RUN
    alright Woodinville Running Group - S... 2 mi 00:40 20:00 pace

    Mostly walking but some running with my Border Collie and some friends at running group. I am injured so it was nice just to get out and do something.

  18. RUN
    alright Bothell 8 mi 01:26 10:45 pace

    I let pain get the better of me today - focused on it for most of my run because my doctor's office left me a message just before I left saying "there were multiple findings from your MRI... read more

  19. RUN
    good Woodinville running group 2 mi 00:20 09:45 pace

    Went to the innaugaral group run for a new running group in Woodinville that was set up by Physiocare Physical Therapy - and I won the best door prize; a free 30 minute massage.

    Really needed that!

  20. RUN
    Bothell 5 mi 00:47 09:21 pace

    1/4 mile intervals @sub-8 min pace with just over 9 min pace recovery. 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down were slower but I added a fast finishing kick the last 1/4 mile - hit 6:41 for a second :-)... read more