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To continue to improve as an athlete, whilst deriving the maximum enjoyment from my training and participation at races. To remember that this is play.

Friends (69)

  • James B.

    James B.

    Fairfax, VA, Sub 10hr 100k, Sub 7hr 50 Miler; Sub 4hr trail 50K; Sub 2:55 mary; Sub 1:23 half; Sub 18 5k; 155 gym trips; 250 sub 7:00 miles.

  • Brittany


    Hagerstown, MD, 9x Halfer, One 26.2 2018: Get back into running after almost 4 years of not running. Eventually run my 10th half marathon, and 2nd full.

  • Shelly C.

    Shelly C.

    PA, Forget goal, I have a PLAN to run everyday preferably on trails but there are not bad runs.

  • George S.

    George S.

    Woodbine, MD, Show strong at IMLP. Sub 5:15 at B2B Half.

  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    New York, NY,

  • Damian D.

    Damian D.

    Reston, VA,

  • Mike


    Toronto, ON, Rehabbing from back surgery......

  • Eric B.

    Eric B.

    Charlotte, NC, Having run all World Major Marathons, I intend to run all 8 continents! Remaining: 2017 Patagonia Intl 2018 Australia / NZ 2019 Antarctica Ice

  • Shawn S.

    Shawn S.

    Louisville, KY, Feb--Surf City Marathon; Mar--Tom King Half; Apr--Run the Bluegrass Half, KY Derby Half; May--Shiprock Marathon; July--Missoula Marathon; Aug--Humpy's Marathon

  • Reginald B.

    Reginald B.

    Marikina, PH, More mileage. Explore Duathlon, Aquathlon, Skyathlon. Run in Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

  • Shawn S.

    Shawn S.

    Phoenixville, PA, 2015: This is my recovery year, so I'm planning a bunch of 13.1's, maybe Philly Marathon, and perhaps a 70.3...

  • Chris L.

    Chris L.

    Fredericksburg, VA, Fitness, Further every day, Army Ten Miler, Rehab my injury, Build a strong core...

  • Holly S.

    Holly S.

    Wetumpka, AL, 2016 Dopey Challenge

  • Carol


    Boston, MA, 30 minutes of walking per day

  • Jessica M.

    Jessica M.

    Chicago, IL, Start runnung again!

  • Alex


    New Haven, CT,

  • Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Calne, GB, 2014 - I AM AN IRONMAN ;-) Albeit with 2 cracked ribs from chaos of swim !

  • Beth


    Greenwich, CT,

  • Catherine


    Encino, CA,

  • Jennifer H.

    Jennifer H.

    Gainesville, VA, 5Ks & Mud Runs | 2nd Sprint Tri | Hike like a Mad Woman | Cycle like there's no tomorrow | Mountain Bike more | Try Paddleboarding with my dog |

  • Lori P.

    Lori P.

    Keyser, WV,

  • Orla K.

    Orla K.

    Cabin John, MD, AAUT Stage Race, Ultima Frontera, enter UTMB for 2014(wasn't selected in '13 lottery).

  • Lisa


    , Stay sane and healthy, and to top 600 miles in 2014.

  • Marlene E.

    Marlene E.

    Arlington, VA, I want to figure out what' s wrong with me medically and get back to running.

  • Ironlinae


    St Petersburg, FL, Boston before 45