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Tour of Sufferlandria ✔️ Knighthood. Lincoln 10k. ✔️ A Half Marathon. 2000 miles cycled in 40 weeks (ends Oct 15th)

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  1. VELO
    8.68 mi

    Rogue 201. Cycle commute. Timed to perfection. Leave a second later than 7:30 and all the idiots are out. Leave on time and it’s relatively stress free.

  2. VELO
    36.89 mi 03:00 12.3mph pace

    Rogue 200. Sufferfest training. Today the app worked perfectly (different machine tbf) so Power Station, Downward Spiral and Do as you’re told. Found the last of these a little tough towards the en... read more

  3. RUN
    3.11 mi

    Rogue 200. Base training wk 2. Run with Dizzy as she wangled the day off somehow haha! Not sure how she reckoned we would have to run a little extra at the end to make this up to 3 miles, as we wer... read more

  4. VELO
    15.29 mi 00:57 16.1mph pace

    Rogue 199. Sufferfest - Angels. A training ride for my Knighthood Quest. Intended to do three back to back sessions but this was the most important of them so I’m happy I got this one in. Tomorrow ... read more

  5. Shared Photo

    Pretty huh?

    • Sam R.
      Sam R.

      Yes! What brand are those? Do I detect the triple stripes of Adidas?

      5 days ago Like

    • Sareybabes

      They are indeed. Adidas Supernova Glide 8. The new ones are the 9 but I managed to score this at less than £30 so extremely happy. I had Supernovas before and loved them and all the reviews said the later models are even better.
      Gotta listen to a recommendation like that!

      5 days ago Like

  6. RUN
    3 mi

    Rogue 198.
    Base training. Week 1.
    3 miler before work. The usual 3 Mile Loop but this morning in my new road shooz. As usual they felt quite odd when I first put them on, but when I started runni... read more

  7. walk
    2.5 mi

    Rogue 197. Walking to and from the bus after work.

  8. RUN
    3 mi

    Rogue 196. Base training Week 1. Run 2. Out to Ennerdale to try out Dizzys new shooz. Hope she liked em!

  9. walk
    1 mi

    Rogue 195. Walkies :)

  10. walk
    1 mi

    Rogue 194. Walkies with Jasper after work.

  11. walk
    2.9 mi

    Rogue 193 part 2. Walk to town with Jasper

  12. VELO
    40.64 mi

    Rogue 193. Following Dame Louise into the foothills.

  13. walk
    3.89 mi

    Rogue 192. Walk into town with Jasper on my day off 😊

  14. VELO
    8.67 mi

    Rogue 191. Cycle to work. Really it was too windy for this ride and this led to me actually stopping and moving onto the footpath for Patton Long Mile, which this morning was clearly a suicide miss... read more

  15. walk
    2.03 mi

    Rogue 190. Walk to the bus for work.

  16. VELO
    8.67 mi

    Rogue 189. Cycle to work. Bit frosty, bit nippy. Good gear though so all good!

  17. FIT

    Rogue 188. Squash sesh with Dizzy.


    At last, my trusty followers, victory is mine. Oh yes. Totally CRUSHED the Dizzy one in the first set. Let her have the second one for... read more

    • Helen M.
      Helen M.

      Oh! Oh! No glory in that victory! I do hope Dizzy is ok and recovers from this injury quickly.

      16 days ago Like

    • Sareybabes

      Hopefully she won’t be out of action too long. She managed work so I think she’ll live

      15 days ago Like

    • Graeme S.
      Graeme S. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Poor you have a good 'Adjuster' to sort her back for her...I was going to big you up then read the rest of the post ...PMSL I still think any which way you can kiddo :)

      14 days ago

    • Sareybabes

      Well, she is feeling somewhat better a couple of days on, but still having trouble. I do keep mentioning that she should see someone....

      14 days ago Like

  18. walk
    1.1 mi

    Rogue 188. Walking my boyz

  19. walk
    1 mi

    Rogue 187. Walkies with the boyz

  20. RUN
    7 mi

    Rogue 186. Run before work to reccy the Gal Fawkes Bike Ride later. Not ta bad little running route actually. I did accidentally stop my Garmin when I had to do a Paula, but it was 7 overall honest 😇

    • Graeme S.
      Graeme S. You're Funny
      You're Funny:

      Had a giggle when I realised what a 'Paula' was...

      17 days ago