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I run to be healthy... for the love of running... racing to have fun with friends... early morning runs for peace of mind & spirit.

Wall of Motivation (44)

  1. Kelli R.

    Congrats chica! Amazing pace!! The energy was very high and it was a beautifu... read more

  2. Tom M.
      Great Performance

    Wow Sarah, that's a MASSIVE PR. Just a perfect day for a run today, I hope th... read more

  3. Ingrid R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Can I ask how many times a week you do this and what is it exactly? I'm curio... read more

  4. Kelli R.
      Nice Job

    Isn't running in the rain so fun?! on a workout

  5. David D.
      Get Better

    Sorry about your fall. I hope you're good for this weekend, too. Great pace... read more

  6. Rgt

    Great race!! on a workout

  7. Kelli R.

    Congrats on the longest distance in a year!! That is a great feeling! :D on a workout

  8. Philip B.
      Nice Job

    Happy Birthday! on a workout

  9. Kelli R.
      Nice Job

    Way to start out the new decade! Happy Birthday! on a workout

  10. Kelli R.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're so fast!! Total inspiration chica! on a workout

  11. Kelli R.

    Wow!! Awesome pace chica! Congrats! :) on a workout

  12. Michael L.

    You're the best!! on a workout

  13. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  14. Ingrid R.
      You're an Inspiration

    awesome pace! on a workout

  15. Philip B.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic! on a workout

  16. Philip B.

    Fantastic! You both did great! on a workout

  17.   Congrats

    Awesome accomplishent! Congrats to both of you! on a workout

  18. Kelli R.
      Feel Better

    Way to listen to your body. Hope you feel better soon. on a workout

  19.   Nice Job

    Wow! Nice long interval workout! on a workout

  20. Philip B.
      You're an Inspiration

    I'm impressed you can keep up your pace with the temperature lately... the br... read more

  21.   Congrats

    Nice job in the heat! on a workout

  22. Philip B.
      Nice Job

    great work! on a workout

  23.   Nice Job

    Way to hit your goal! on a workout

  24. Ingrid R.
      Nice Job

    Congrats for getting out there and getting through it. on a workout

  25. Rebekah P.
      Nice Job

    Yay for a long weekend! GREAT run, Sar! Amazing average after a first mile ... read more

  26. Rebekah P.
      Nice Job

    what a great morning! so glad you had a great run! on a workout

  27. Ned P.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a winner!! Nice run, Sarah! on a workout

  28. Samantha B.
      Nice Job

    It was a little too chilly out there for me! Glad that you were able to get a... read more

  29. Kelli R.
      Nice Job

    Great run this morning! on a workout

  30. Rebekah P.
      You're an Inspiration

    awesome! we should foam roll tonight in front of the TV. guess what i did af... read more

  31. Ned P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good job Sarah!! on a workout

  32. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  33. Kelli R.
      You're an Inspiration

    You said it best: Great way to start the week! :) on a workout

  34. Samantha B.
      Great Performance

    WOW! What an amazing pace!!! on a workout

  35.   Great Performance

    Congrats! Well done! Taking home some bling is icing on the cake! on a workout

  36. Rebekah P.
      Great Performance

    awesome job!!! on a workout

  37.   Nice Job

    Awesome run! on a workout

  38. Kelli R.
      Nice Job

    Great start to the week! on a workout

  39. Claire G.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great run! Hope the good vibes continue all week! on a workout

  40. Rebekah P.
      You're an Inspiration

    i had this same sort of blah feeling before my run! like...oh, yeah, i'm abo... read more

  41. Michael L.
      You're Hot

    You were blazing those repeats this morning!

  42. Michael L.
      Great Performance

    Prepare the yellow jersey. Lance has some new competition. on a workout

  43. Michael L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Like U2 blaring through my headphones, you inspire me. on a workout

  44. Michael L.
      Great Performance

    You were cruising this morning!! on a workout