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  1. RUN
    good Anyone see my mojo??? 9.01 mi 01:20 08:54 pace

    Started w/ missing the day after previous workout due to kid being up sick at night then home from school. From there on out, hormones and lack of mojo did not make a good combo. Hubby helped me ge... read more

  2. RUN
    good Back in TX 6 mi 00:53 08:50 pace

    Speed work. Always tough! 8 x 90", 2' recov. Splits: 6:39, 7:45, 7:08, 7:33, 7:18, 7:31, 7:37, 7:50. Bears repeating, always tough.

  3. RUN
    good Speedwork in KC 6.01 mi 00:54 09:00 pace

    W/u. Ran 1 mi to the "track"- used very loosely. Plan: 8 x 90", 2' recov. 1 mile back to home. Had to watch my step w/ this path, but I was glad to have some flat ground for thi... read more

  4. RUN
    w/ Kathy in KC 6.14 mi 00:57 09:16 pace

    I was suppose to do my speed work but my sister picked a slightly hilly area to do that in so I opted to just run the 6 at her pace. Did my warm up before hand, but not the post work out exercises.... read more

  5. RUN
    FAIL~!! 2.75 mi 00:23 08:21 pace

    Dang it!!! Well, thankfully my coach was able to switch around my schedule due to traveling this week. With that, the plan was 3 mi w/ 4 strides. I was all set to do the same route as yesterday bu... read more

    • Karen F.
      Karen F.

      Gorgeous weather for a run, no matter if it was the "planned" run or not. Great job getting out there, Carolyn!

      25 days ago Like

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    • Edina

      Sometimes it doesn't go as planned but still great that you got out and tried!

      24 days ago Like

    • Li V.
      Li V.

      Better to listen to your body, you'll live to run another day.

      24 days ago Like

  6. FIT
    alright Standard Core Routine. 00:27

    3x1 min. Planks still no fun. My 7 yr old enjoyed timing me then got bored with it then my 5 yr old joined in on the exercise. It was nice to have that distraction. Need to get my mat out for this... read more

  7. RUN
    alright 3 easy miles 3.01 mi 00:27 09:05 pace

    Instructed to keep this easy around this time. Thought it should be easier to breath since it is slower, but wasn't all that easy for some reason. Warmer morn. Also, a bit tingling of my R shi... read more

    • Edina

      Nice miles but sorry to hear your shin is acting up again :(

      26 days ago Like

    • Carolyn

      Thanks Edina, lets hope it won't get worse.

      25 days ago Like

  8. FIT

    Stayed up wayyy too late last night reading, so getting up early enough for this and for getting to the early mass didn't happen. This routine is longer that the Std W/U. I couldn't do t... read more

  9. FIT
    good ITB Routine

    The 30 Lateral Leg Raises got pretty tough towards the end, as did the clam shells. I ended up doing a second set of pistol squats (one legged). I was thankful that my kids removed the Legos off th... read more

    • Elizabeth R.
      Elizabeth R.

      Glad to see your updates again! I should really be doing these exercises too, but I get lazy/crazy/busy and forget. Saw that you commented earlier but for some reason it won't show up anymore. :-/

      27 days ago Like

    • Carolyn

      Oh, I hear ya! I sure get lazy about these kind of things, too. The only way I have the kick my butt in is that I have a coach that I need to report back to...and I don't want to lie or see the reason to lie about it to him. So, getting it done.

      27 days ago Like

  10. RUN
    good O & B on Peak 7 mi 01:00 08:34 pace

    Happend to see a running friend at the half mile mark! What a fantastic surprise. My left shin muscle was sore again, so I tried to rub it out and did heel lifts/dips at mile, & heel walk (sore... read more

  11. FIT
    Standard Warm Up

    It felt good and got my heart rate up, especially those mountain climbers. Oh man, I just realized I forgot the lunge matrix this morning. Dang.

  12. FIT
    good Standard Core

    2x 45 seconds. So, did the core workout, each one 45 seconds and on each side. Then repeated it. Kind of boring so I'll be sure to use music again next time or maybe the TV.

  13. RUN
    good 4 miler & strides 4.19 mi 00:36 08:39 pace

    Was tired before leaving but the warm up helped and knowing that I had to report back to the coach also kept my motivation. Tried to stretch my left shin muscle at mi 2. I'm not sure why that ... read more

    • Nina

      Hey lady! I have this same run tomorrow. And the total opposite for calves have been super tight. I hope we get some relief soon! Strides are always fun :)

      29 days ago Like

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Fun running!

      28 days ago Like

    • Carolyn

      Thanks ladies! I hope those calves get better Nina!

      27 days ago Like

  14. FIT
    Standard Warm Up

    Standard warm up routine. My legs are fairly tight. My 9 year old, who is the size of a 7 year old, was standing also elbowing my quads and hamstrings last night to try to work out some soreness...... read more

  15. FIT
    Myrtl and Chakram Routines

    A tad right this morning. These two routines still felt good. One was a routine from the coach Jay Johnson and the other from my coach, Jason, from Strength Running. The dead lifts felt good to m... read more

  16. FIT
    good ITB routine

    Followed the run with this routine, before getting into all this Garmin suckiness. Good workout for sure!!

  17. RUN
    good Walk of Shame & Garmin fail 5 mi 00:43 08:40 pace

    Once I finished my new coach's "Standard Warmup", I went out for what was suppose to be 5 miles w/ 8x1 min, 2 min jog. I made the mistake of not starting the speed work until after 2... read more

    • Nina

      No such thing as walk of shame! A solid 5 miles of effort right there, Carolyn. Headed out for my run here in a bit. I am dressed like it is negative 100 degrees. LOL

      about 1 month ago Like

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    • Carolyn

      Thanks Edina.

      29 days ago Like

    • Mark U.

      ISmoothRun App on your iPhone for around $5 and you'll soon stop using your Garmin!

      29 days ago Like

  18. FIT
  19. RUN
    good Getting back to it? 7.01 mi 01:00 08:34 pace

    Temps felt great! mid 40's!!! I was in a better mood for this one. My left shin was a bit tight, but I knew it was the muscle- as opposed to the bone in my r leg. Tried to stretch it a bit, t... read more

  20. RUN
    tired Fry O & B 5 mi 00:43 08:39 pace

    Brain mishap- got to the 2nd mile and for some reason thought only 1/2 mile out to go, rather than additional one mile. I was very! Emo girl during the run. Not feeling happy at all during it.