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  • 15 miles
  • 01:52 time
  • 932 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great inadvertent progression run 5.14 mi 00:43 08:21 pace

    I think this was suppose to be a steady state run? However, I ended up doing a 5 mi progression run. I was actually feeling pretty good. I did stop a couple times in mi2 to do some heel drops. Spli... read more

  2. FIT
    good Three routines

    ITB routine, Mytrl, and Chakram routines.

  3. RUN
    good shorty 3.01 mi 00:08:50 02:56 pace

    9:02, 8:48, 8:39. Was suppose to be recovery pace, so I don't know what I was doing going at that pace. Meh, hope at least it was just 3 miles.

  4. RUN
    good Track in the A.M. 7 mi 01:00 08:34 pace

    Met up w/ Susan at 5:00 to run on the BDJH school track. 8x400, 400 rec. Turns out my coach had me going back to the original planned pace, but I missed that in the email and went slower...which st... read more

  5. RUN
    good Gettin' it in 3.29 mi 00:30 08:59 pace

    Fairly motivated all day to get this 2nd run in to get my whole weekly mileage in. Thankfully, my 7 yr old was game to go. He road his bike while I ran. With 1/2 mi to go my GI issue kicked in. Tha... read more

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Great job getting all your miles in!

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    • Jay T.

      Way to get it done!

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    • Reverend Run V.
      Reverend Run V.

      My now-8 year old has always loved riding his bike while I run.

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Carolyn

      Thanks guys. It sure was an enjoyable time, that is until he took a turn too fast 3/4 left to go. Once I said he could listen to my tunes he was good to get back on again and ride the rest of the way home. Wish my 9 yr old was as eager.

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  6. FIT
    "ITB Rehab Routine"

    Lateral leg raise -w/ band, Clamshells- w/ band, Hip thrusts, Side step shuffle- w/ band, Pistol squats, Hip hikes, Iron Cross. Boy those lateral leg raises were tough as my muscles were tired. Som... read more

  7. RUN
    another make up. 10.01 mi 01:27 08:44 pace

    I missed yesterday due to worrying if I'd get back in time for my boys' Scout Pinewood Derby race. I was worried about GI, but thankfully no issues. I had to hold my water since I couldn&... read more

  8. RUN
    good 5 miler make up 5.16 mi 00:47 09:05 pace

    Missed this on Thurs (AGAIN!). Predawn to get it done and 4 (20 sec strides) at the end. First mile was way to fast due to a couple dogs that seemed all to eager to come to me. Standard warm up to ... read more

  9. FIT
    good Mrytl, Chakram & ITB rehab ro...

    I didn't get a chance to do my ITB rehab routing yesterday, so I added it to the two (Myrtl and Chakram) I had after today's run. Those lateral leg raises -w/ a band got kinda tough towar... read more

  10. RUN
    alright Hellooo Humidity 3 mi 00:27 08:57 pace

    Warm-up was Cannonball routine then jumped into the short recovery run. I'm not sure if it was the humidity but I had a hard time breathing for what should've been an easy pace to breath.... read more

  11. RUN
    good 3:30 what?? 6 mi 00:54 08:56 pace

    Busier more then the past Tuesday and if I keep helping at the kids' school then this early run may happen more (like the past I used to do). Can't imagine getting up even earlier to go f... read more

  12. FIT
    good ice skating 01:30

    My daughter turned 6 and she wanted to go ice skating for her bday. It was our kids first time skating and my dh and me after 20 years or so. I didn't realize it would take a toll but after w... read more

    • Jay T.


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    • Jay T.

      Happy Birthday to her!

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    • Jackie F.
      Jackie F.

      Oh my gosh - it definitely is eye opening when you haven't been in 20 years! Truly a workout! Sounds like a nice and memorable birthday :-)

      10 days ago Like

    • Carolyn

      You bet!!! We had a blast and we all want to go back. Need to save some money and then do it again (family of 5 gets pricey).

      7 days ago Like

  13. RUN
    good Trotting with daughter 3.42 mi

    Actually, ran 2.67 and walked the .75. So, my dh was going to take my daughter out as I didn't feel like adding on more miles after my run. Since he was going for a much longer walk then she ... read more

  14. RUN
    good catching up 6 mi 00:53 08:50 pace

    Shin was sore at the 2 mile mark (like usual). I tried to play with my stride some but for what is suppose to be a recovery pace (9:00-9:30) - that doesn't work well as it didn't hurt as ... read more

  15. RUN
    good Trotting with daughter 2 mi

    2 miles was the overall distance. She and I ran 1.3 of it and walked the rest. Nice around the lake. I'm glad my 5 yr old wants to do this. I wish her brothers still wanted to do it.

  16. RUN
    good 9 miler 9.01 mi 01:18 08:39 pace

    Temps were good. My shin wasn't too bad. I took some gel chews around mi 6. Splits: 9:04, 8:57, 8:59, 8:44, 8:41, 8:35, 8:22, 8:21, 8:12. Chaffing again. Needless to say, it did NOT feel good.

  17. RUN
    alright Catching up 5 mi 00:44 08:43 pace

    Missed this yesterday. Missed the speed work the other day, too. So, with the volunteering at the kids school leaving me not much time later, I got the mojo to get it in prior to that. Leg wasn... read more

  18. RUN
    alright testing it out 3 mi 00:27 09:00 pace

    Seeing if the soreness in my shin was still there. Not horribly bad. Great temps.

  19. RUN
    good End of the week run 3 mi 00:26 08:48 pace

    I was able to squeeze this in between the thunderstorms but it was in the light rain. I noticed a slight soreness on my right the shin...the same spot as before. A positive note, the 40* t... read more

  20. RUN
    good 9'er 9.01 mi 01:19 08:45 pace

    Should call this baby a chaffing party. Holy moley painful and distracting from the run. Music helped me increase the speed- which was nice. 40* temps were great! Splits: 9:12, 9:08, 8:58, 8:52,8:4... read more