Friends (78)

  • Stephanie


    Toronto, ON, Currently working on my marathon coaching certification. Personal running goals: to regularly run

  • Kate


    Toronto, ON,

  • Linda B.

    Linda B.

    Toronto, ON, Berlin Marathon

  • Marlene S.

    Marlene S.

    Toronto, ON, return to Boston...

  • Jeffrey N.

    Jeffrey N.

    Toronto, ON, Boston marathon

  • Ida M.

    Ida M.

    , Chilly Half Marathon, Around the Bay, Toronto GoodLife Marathon, Midsummer Night's Run 15K, Chicago Marathon

  • Cynthia


    Oakville, ON, Have fun and stay sane while trying to get faster and chase my dreams.

  • Hubert K.

    Hubert K.

    Toronto, ON, Base Training

  • Leah W.
  • Laura M.

    Laura M.

    Burlington, ON,

  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    Toronto, ON, Go fast. Feel the world whizzing by.

  • Jon S.

    Jon S.

    Victoria, BC, Get one ride in this body. Use it or lose it!

  • Ginny


    Toronto, ON, Sadly no goal at this time. That can't be good.

  • Rob


    Vancouver, BC,

  • Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    London, ON, Around the Bay 30K - 29Mar15 Mississauga Marathon - 03May15

  • Jackey L.

    Jackey L.

    Toronto, ON, Marathon under 4:30 (ACCOMPLISHED 4:25) 30k under 3:00 (ACCOMPLISHED 2:57) 1/2 Marathon under 2:00 10K under 0:50

  • Nicole M.

    Nicole M.

    Toronto, ON, Get healthy and back in the running game so I can run some more races! Continue to improve as an athlete overall. Have fun with my running peeps!

  • Blue B.

    Blue B.

    Malibu, CA, to RUN!!! ... FAST! WIN!! ..or LOSE ENJOY!! ..for the PEOPLE I meet along the way! ..for a good cup of COFFEE!! see the WORLD!! ..for ADVENTURE!!

  • Matt


    Toronto, ON, 2014: Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5k Harry Spring Run Off 8k Pride & Remembrance Run A Mid Summer Night's Run 30km Longboat Island 10k STWM Half Marathon

  • Amanda


    CA, Keep running. Run in the mountains. Resume running post-baby.

  • Chong Z.

    Chong Z.

    Toronto, ON,

  • Barry R.

    Barry R.

    Toronto, ON, Completed six marathons, Ottawa, Scotia, Road2Hope, GoodLife, NYC and Chicago. Finished two half ironmans (bike/run only).

  • Dan W.

    Dan W.

    Toronto, ON, Run fast. Run far. Improve. Enjoy. Be better. 15:30/32:00/1:10/2:29

  • Simon V.

    Simon V.

    Toronto, ON, Goal for 2014: fix shin splints issues, build strong base for fall marathon (Chicago). Goal time: crack 3-hours!

  • Rocky M.

    Rocky M.

    Mississauga, ON, sub 4 hours on my marathon time. keep strong and not look like a frail marathoner!