Friends (214)

  • Jeannie H.

    Jeannie H.

    Portland, OR, Completed: 1 100 miler, 1 71 miler, 7 50 milers Triathlons: 2 sprint, 1 Oly Swam: 5 miles Training for: Best in the West 1/2 Ironman Sept

  • Eddie M.

    Eddie M.

    Birmingham, MI, Getting fit and enjoying a year of renewal

  • Jandy M.
  • Dink T.

    Dink T.

    Huntsville, AL, Ironman Chattanooga

  • Iva L.

    Iva L.

    Meridian, MS,

  • Yamil R.

    Yamil R.

    Clarksville, TN, Running is my peace

  • Tim H.

    Tim H.

    Marietta, NY, Run every day; Develop & RD an Ultra; run a 26.2 or ultra in every state; Run with my grandchildren

  • Chad R.

    Chad R.

    New Orleans, LA,

  • Kawika C.

    Kawika C.

    Honolulu, HI,

  • Tim J.

    Tim J.

    Sacramento, CA,

  • Renee


    North Port, FL,

  • Yen D.

    Yen D.


  • Janine


    , My ultimate goal is to complete a 1/2 Ironman! But I'm my own competition and I'm always looking to improve my times on various race distances, 3.1 up to 26.2!!

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Steve W.

    Steve W.

    Beaverton, OR,

  • Caolan M.

    Caolan M.

    Boulder, CO, 2016: Phoenix, Monument Valley, Boston, Collegiate Peaks, Colfax, Kettle Moraine 100mi, Leadville 100, Des Plaines (IL) 50mi (for another time goal?), NYCM

  • Owen C.

    Owen C.

    Chazelles, FR, Goals for 2016 3 mile under 23min Marathon in under 4 hours. Look at doing an ultra starting off by completing a race of 50 kilometers or more

  • Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Youngstown, OH,

  • Kees S.

    Kees S.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Run the London Marathon 10 times in a row Done! PB on 7th 3:27:19 Next The Lakeland 50 July 2016 Amsterdam Marathon, Paris Marathon 2017 Berlin Marathon '18

  • Dave L.

    Dave L.

    Stoke On Trent, GB, Just to get into good enough shape so that i can run races at the standard that i feel is good enough to compete with other athletics at club and county level.

  • Lori L.

    Lori L.


  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Cumming, GA, 1). Get healthy again, and return to being a "regular" runner. 2). Short term: 65 miles for May 2016 3). Re-engage with the running community,

  • Brian C.

    Brian C.

    Sarasota, FL, Swim, Bike and run a combined total of 7800 miles in 2014.

  • Pm Giao D.

    Pm Giao D.

    Paris (Paris), FR, beat all my road PR : 43:57" 10 K, 1h37:09" half, 3h30:13" marathon (target :Paris 2014)

  • Susana P.

    Susana P.

    Modesto, CA,