21509 total / 2754 in 2016

In 2015, I want to get back in shape as quickly as possible and lose at least 10lbs. Then, I aim to run a BQ marathon for my age group.

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  • 29 miles
  • 01:57 time
  • 1487 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    alright To Minato Mirai 16.29 km 00:42 14.3mph pace

    A transportation ride to downtown Yokohama.

  2. RUN
    blah Zwift - London Virtual Ride 30.11 km 01:14 03:58 pace

    A strong typhoon hit our region, today. The commuter train services in my area were suspended for most of the day and the rivers came near flooding in several places including Sakaigawa River. For... read more

  3. VELO
    blah Sakaigawa CR 43.47 km 01:46 15.3mph pace

    I went out for a ride on the bike path along the river. It was a hot & muggy afternoon. I just rode slow & easy.

    Since April, I've been trying to make up my mind on the next road bi... read more

  4. VELO
    alright Zwift - ASIA Friday Night 31.33 km 00:52 22.4mph pace

    The thunderstorm forecast made me stay in my house this evening. Joined Zwift Asia Friday Night group virtual ride. Rode 3 loops on the Watotpia Flat routes for an hour. Now, I have a good excuse f... read more

  5. VELO
    blah Zwift Virtual Ride in London 29.99 km 01:09 16.3mph pace

    It was too hot to go out and do any activities. I finally gave up and paid for the subscription to Zwift. It was expired a couple of months ago. I planned to return to it when the weather got too c... read more

  6. RUN
    blah Sakaigawa CR 21.84 km 02:11 09:40 pace

    A sunset run on the bike path along the river. It was a cloudy day and the shower in the afternoon cooled the air down by a few degrees, but was a muggy day. It was the 1st longish run in this mont... read more

    • Judy

      sounds similar to our weather recently. Really humid and muggy. great workout Sabu

      11 days ago Like1 person

  7. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR / Tateba 34.16 km 01:21 15.8mph pace

    A late afternoon ride on the bike path along the river. It was still hot, but the cloudiness made it easier for me to ride on the path. As I was trying to get used to the new pedals, I didn't ... read more

  8. RUN
    blah Group Night Run 13.74 km 01:23 09:45 pace

    Joined a night run event organized by a local tri/bike shop. Since it was a national holiday here, the run started an hour earlier than usual. It was still hot and muggy. Ran 6 long loops in the pa... read more

  9. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 42.57 km 01:41 15.7mph pace

    An afternoon ride on the bike path along the river. Pedaled at my easy & comfortable pace throughout. Stopped by the bakery in Tateba and the tri/bike shop in Totsuka on the way back. I'm ... read more

  10. RUN
    alright Treadmill in the Gym 5.68 km 00:30 08:30 pace

    It was too hot to stay in my house this evening doing nothing. So, I went to the City Gym after supper and stayed there until its closing time. Ran on the treadmill for 30 min. (warm up -5:00/km f... read more

  11. VELO
    blah Sakaigawa CR 25.2 km 01:05 14.4mph pace

    A late afternoon transportation rides, It was the hottest day of this summer so far. Just rode slow and easy as taking water often. Went to the bike shop in Fujisawa and checked out the 2017 Specia... read more

    • Suresh S.
      Suresh S. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      take care in the heat Sabu-san

      17 days ago

  12. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 29.79 km 01:13 15.3mph pace

    A sunset ride on the bike path along the river.The heat wave continues. There were many zombie walkers & runners on the path who could not walk or run straight. It was not the kind of weather t... read more

  13. VELO
    blah Errand Ride 2.66 km 00:08:58 11.1mph pace

    Rode to a local 7-Elven to pay for the BabyMetal tickets. I won the lottery for their Tokyo Dome Show in September. I'm not a metalhead. For me, hard rock genre stopped at a long time ago, i.e... read more

    • Marcia P.
      Marcia P.

      Congratulations ! But if you had to pay for the tickets, what did you win in the lottery??

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • Jaycee V.
      Jaycee V.

      Congrats! And nice ride!

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • Sabu C.
      Sabu C.

      Marcia. P. Unfortunately, ticket scalping is illegal here and many premium music & sport events use lottery system to sell tickets. Winning the lottery means I'm given an opportunity to buy a few tickets to the particular event. Sometimes, you are asked to register your face photo when you purchase a ticket in order to prevent ticket resale.

      19 days ago Like

  14. VELO
    blah Sakaigawa CR / Tateba 34.01 km 01:24 15.1mph pace

    A morning ride on the bike path along the river. A Heat Stroke Warning was issued in my region due to the high temperature. It was recommended not to engage in any exercises as a general rule. Rode... read more

  15. RUN
    blah Night Group Run 13.08 km 01:18 09:36 pace

    Joined the group run organized by a local bike/tri shop. Went out for a slow run after 8:00 pm and ran to Ofuna Station and back via R1 / Harajyuku. It was hot & humid. The group was led by an ... read more

  16. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 43.45 km 01:44 15.6mph pace

    A sunset ride on the bike path along the river. It was the1st workout in 3 days. I pedaled easy throughout.

  17. RUN
    blah Sakaigawa CR 16.37 km 01:37 09:35 pace

    I waited for the rain shower to stop and the sun came out. I went out for a run on the bike path along the river in the late afternoon. I adjusted my pace for the hot weather and slowed down from t... read more

  18. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 40.99 km 01:39 15.5mph pace

    I had to send a business express mail and rode to the local post office before I headed to the bike path. I rode on the bike path between R246 & R1, then I went to Kameino Shokudo, my favorite ... read more

  19. RUN
    alright Treadmill in the City Gym 5.69 km 00:30 08:29 pace

    Went to the City Gym in the late afternoon. Ran on the treadmill for 30 min. Warm up - 25 min. @ 5:00/km - Cool down (2.5% incline). Lifted weights for 50 min before the run and did stretching on t... read more

  20. RUN
    blah To Sport Center 2.74 km 00:18 10:46 pace

    Transportation run to the gym.