16873 total / 1805 in 2015

In 2015, I want to get back in shape as quickly as possible and lose at least 10lbs. Then, I aim to run a BQ marathon for my age group.

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  • 12 miles
  • 01:55 time
  • 1117 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    blah Sakaigawa CR 18.73 km 01:55 09:51 pace

    A sunset run on the bike path along the river. It was a humid day, but we had no rain this afternoon.

  2. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 43.19 km 01:46 15.2mph pace

    A late afternoon ride on the bike path along the river. It was a hot & humid day. Just rode at my comfortable pace. I was fortunate to beat the rain by several minutes. I returned home without ... read more

  3. RUN
    alright Sakaigawa CR 16.57 km 01:41 09:47 pace

    We were expecting the wet weather during this weekend, but the rain has not reached in my area. I went out for a run in the afternoon. Frist, I ran 5km to Kameino Shokudo, my favorite cafe and had ... read more

  4. RUN
    alright Sakaigawa CR 12.5 km 01:12 09:15 pace

    A sunset run on the bike path along the river. The weather forecast for the coming weekend doesn't look good. I wanted to get some miles in before the rain.

    • Kelly P.
      Kelly P.

      Nice evening run Sabu. Nice idea trying to get the workouts in before the rain. I rely on good weather for my gigs on weekends. I lose a lot of money when it rains. Recently it's been shitty weather every weekend. YADA! lol Hopefully one of the 2 days will be okay.

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Jaycee V.
      Jaycee V.

      Rainy days sometimes gave us a hard time to run out doors. But you did well today, good job!

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Patrick W.
      Patrick W.

      Great run. Hope the rain isn't to bad.

      7 days ago Like1 person

  5. VELO
    alright Kitakamakura - Enoshima 39.37 km 01:51 13.3mph pace

    Another lunchtime ride. Rode the hilly backstreets in Kita-Kamakura. Then, went down to R134 along the beaches. Had lunch at a cafe near Enoshima Island. Our running club used to stop by this plac... read more

  6. VELO
    alright Kameino / Kamakura 38.17 km 01:52 12.7mph pace

    Went out for lunchtime ride on the hybrid bike. After I had a nice big lunch plate at Kameino Shokudo, I headed to Kamakura. I stopped by a Japanese confectionery in Hase. Bought two boxes of rice... read more

  7. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 45.99 km 01:53 15.1mph pace

    A late afternoon ride on the bike path along the river. I planned to join a group ride to Hadano tomorrow, but the ride has been cancelled due to the unfavorable weather forecast. Although I ran th... read more

  8. RUN
    blah Sakaigawa CR 17.13 km 01:47 10:01 pace

    The first run in a week. I went out slower than the last week's. I felt a pain in the left knee beyond 6K and stopped and stretched the legs several times during the run. I managed to finish i... read more

  9. RUN
    tired Sakaigawa CR 18.81 km 02:01 10:22 pace

    I've not run or gone to the gym since the last run to the beach a month ago, although I rode on the bikes a few times a week to get around the neighborhood. It was because I felt dizzy from ti... read more

  10. VELO
    alright Kamakura 27.52 km 01:18 13.1mph pace

    A transportation ride to Kamakura & back on the hybrid bike. Stopped by the bike shop to pay the entry fee for a race in Sep.

  11. VELO
    alright Lunch & Errand Rides 16.09 km 00:47 12.7mph pace

    Rode to Shonandai on the hybrid bike.

  12. VELO
    alright Shonan International Village ... 59.87 km 02:52 13.0mph pace

    Rode to the Shonan Village Hill in Hayama. I wanted to test the new set of tires. The lighter tires did not make me faster though. I took a detour to Kamakura on the way back to get some tradition... read more

    • Patrick W.
      Patrick W.

      Nice ride. Happy b-day to Mom. :)

      25 days ago Like1 person

    • Jaycee V.
      Jaycee V.

      Happy birthday to mother! Nice long ride in spite of traffic congestion.

      25 days ago Like1 person

    • Kelly P.
      Kelly P.

      Does your mom speak English, too. Tell her お誕生日おめでとうございます. Sounds like a great tourist spot but tough for cycling on a Sunday. Nice KMs Sabu. I'm sure the tires helped a little. All the little things add up to a big thing as they say :)

      24 days ago Like1 person

  13. VELO
    alright Lunch Ride 38.18 km 01:46 13.4mph pace

    Went out for an easy ride in the afternoon. Had late lunch at Kameino Shokudo. Then, headed to Kamakura and stopped by the cycle shop. Fortunately, the staff was not busy and they installed a set o... read more

  14. VELO
    alright Errand Rides 3.96 km 00:14:52 9.9mph pace

    Ride around the town to bank & home center.

  15. VELO
    alright Group Ride to Odawara 108.74 km 04:22 15.5mph pace

    Joined a group ride organized by the bike shop in Kamakura. Rode on R134 & R1 along the Sagami Bay to Odawara. Our group had some time to kill before the lunch reservation, so we climbed a few ... read more

  16. I've just registered for the 10th Shonan International Marathon in Dec. When one of my windows PCs crashed with a blue screen which I have not seen for a few years, I thought I couldn't m... read more

    • Kelly P.
      Kelly P.

      I admire your persistence Sabu. Keep up the fight. Those of us that exercise regularly in this large world population are only a small few. Be proud that you find ways to keep your health. It's ok to crash from time to time. We're only human after all! :)

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

  17. VELO
    alright Errand Rides 16.55 km 00:49 12.7mph pace

    A transportation ride to Shonandai on the hybrid bike.

  18. VELO
    alright Fujisawa 16.93 km 00:51 12.4mph pace

    A transportation ride to Fujisawa. Had lunch at Kameino Shokudo.Then, I went to a bank in Fujisawa.I was not feeling well for the last several days. No workout since Sunday. I hope I can resume my ... read more

    • Jaycee V.
      Jaycee V.

      Nice transportation ride as always.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Judy

      I agree, I need to get back to a regular schedule. May is a crazy month.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Sabu C.
      Sabu C.

      @Judy. The rainy season starts in a couple of weeks here. I 'd better get some serious miles in before the real hot & humid weather comes.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Stan M.
      Stan M.

      Glad you are feeling better. Good miles Sabu!

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

  19. RUN
    tired Kugenuma - Home 12.78 km 01:43 12:59 pace

    After I spent 30 min or so at the party, I ran back home. I was tired and my both calves were about to cramp. I walked the last 5k. Probably, I was out of fuel since I had nothing since breakfast a... read more

    • Masayo

      It does sound like that you ran out of fuel for sure. BBQ party at Beach??? That sounds really good!

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Jaycee V.
      Jaycee V.

      Just keep it easy my friend, your doing well.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Kelly P.
      Kelly P.

      How do you go to a party and not eat? haha. Free food and drink! I'm first in line. haha. Hope a good nights sleep does you some good Sabu. Rest up.

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

  20. RUN
    alright To Beach BBQ Party 13.15 km 01:16 09:19 pace

    It was a hot day. I felt like Summer had come. I ran to the Kugenuma Beach via Sakaigawa CR.