22402 total / 3646 in 2016

Run & ride for health & fitness. I would be happy if I could achieve a BQ marathon goal time along the way.

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  • 101 miles
  • 06:17 time
  • 3578 calories
  • 5 workouts
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  1. RUN
    alright Sakaigawa CR 43.39 km 01:48 04:00 pace

    A mid-day ride on the bike path along the river. It was cloudy and much cooler than yesterday. We had a very warm day for October yesterday. I wore long-sleeved jersey and long pants.

  2. VELO
    alright Zwift - AFR on Watopia 35.78 km 01:00 22.1mph pace

    Rode on the indoor trainer after supper. I joined Zwift Asia Friday Ride(AFR) and rode 3 loops on the Watopia Flat Course for an hour. The group ride was meant to be a recovery one. Although I did ... read more

  3. RUN
    alright Sakaigawa CR 39.26 km 01:34 03:50 pace

    An afternoon ride on the bike path along the river. Met a Canadian cyclist and chatted with him on my way to R246.

    Stopped by the bakery in Tateba for a Baguette and the other bread on the way bac... read more

  4. VELO
    alright Return Trip from Kohoku 23.13 km 01:03 13.8mph pace

    Took the easier routes back home from the bike shop in Kohoku. The traffic was heavy here and there because of the commuters heading back home. It got dark soon after I left Kohoku, but the new Cat... read more

  5. VELO
    alright Kohoku 21.15 km 00:53 15.0mph pace

    Rode to the bike shop in Kohoku to get a new cadence/speed sensor with some antitheft function. Took the rolling & sometimes hilly Nakahara Kaido highway.

  6. VELO
    alright Fujisawa 13.32 km 00:44 11.3mph pace

    A transportation ride to Fujisawa & back on the hybrid bike in the evening.

  7. VELO
    alright Zwift - Watopia Mountain 23.81 km 01:04 13.9mph pace

    Rode on the indoor trainer after supper. Did an hour Zwift session on the Watopia Mountain course.

    • Judy

      great ride, I hope that you had a good weekend. happy monday

      6 days ago Like1 person

  8. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 41.62 km 01:45 14.7mph pace

    Rode to Kameino Shokudo, my favorite cafe just off the CR and had Sunday brunch. I had their October special, Moqueca or Brazilian fish stew. Then, I headed to Iidabokujyo for two scoops of homemad... read more

  9. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 38.39 km 01:45 13.6mph pace

    A sunset ride on the bike path along the river. It’s been quite a while since we had a beautiful sunny fall day. There were a lot of walkers, runners, and cyclists on the path taking advantage of t... read more

  10. VELO
    alright Southern Beach via CR & R134 33.58 km 01:23 15.1mph pace

    A sunset ride on R 134 along the beaches of Sagami Bay.

  11. Shared Photo

    The homemade ice cream shop appeared in the 1st episode of a TV cartoon called "Long Riders". The heroine went out for her very 1st ride on the bike path and suffered a hunger knock. She ... read more

  12. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR 39.98 km 02:02 12.2mph pace

    Went out for a ride on the bike path along the river in the late afternoon. My legs were sore from the run yesterday and I rode slow & easy.

    Stopped by the ice cream place just off the CR on t... read more

  13. RUN
    blah Sakaigawa CR 16.4 km 01:39 09:44 pace

    Ran on the bike path along the river. Felt sluggish from the start to the end. I struggled to complete the 10 miler.

  14. RUN
    alright Zwift - London 8 X 2 40.95 km 01:18 03:05 pace

    Gettin' dark early day by day. I missed the chance to go out for a run or a ride and rode on the indoor trainer before supper. Completed the cervelo 40km TT Mission on Zwift London 8 course.

  15. VELO
    blah Zwift - Watopia Mountain Reverse 28.37 km 01:03 16.7mph pace

    Rode on the indoor trainer after supper. Still cannot shake off a cold. Did an hour Zwift session riding the Watopia Mountain Course.

  16. VELO
    alright Sakaigawa CR / Tateba 18.44 km 00:56 12.4mph pace

    It was a sunny hot day after the typhoon passed. I did not want to miss the chance to go outside although I still couldn't get rid of a cold. I went out for a short ride on the bike path along... read more

  17. VELO
    alright Zwift - MNR on London 8 21.37 km 00:37 21.3mph pace

    Rained again. We expect to have another typhoon in a couple of days. Rode on the indoor trainer after supper. Joined Zwift MNR (Monday News Ride) Virtual Group Ride on the London 8 course.

  18. RUN
    alright Sakaigawa CR 16.69 km 01:37 09:24 pace

    It's been quite a while for us to have a lovely sunny day. I went out for a run on the bike path along the river in the late afternoon. The pace was slow, but I enjoyed running 10 miles under ... read more

  19. VELO
    alright Zwift - Watopia Figure 8 30.61 km 00:52 22.1mph pace

    It's been looked like rain a whole day. I missed a chance to go out for a run during the day. I settled for an indoor trainer session after supper. Rode the Zwift Watopia Figure 8 course.

  20. VELO
    alright Zwift - Watopia Mountain 30.46 km 01:09 16.6mph pace

    Another Zwift indoor trainer session in the evening. I planned to join the Asia Friday Ride from 21:00, but it was 21:20 when I was ready to ride. I went out solo for a virtual ride on the Watopia ... read more