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  1. walk
    good Runestone County Park 5.61 mi 02:02 21:49 pace

    Love this cool weather. Dogs & I met my tall bro Jeremy, back out for another hike. Low back felt like Hank was pulling a LOT more today. If this thing doesn't improve real soon, to my PT ... read more

  2. walk
    good Noonan Sport Specialists 1.87 mi 00:32 17:13 pace

    Took my client out. Long moving warm-up, 6 rounds of 40s near an 8:00 pace with 80s walking, then a chatty walk back. Felt okay on the back.

  3. FIT
    alright PT: No Deadlifts 01:00

    Avoiding deadlifts since I felt superduper trashed after doing the usual on Tuesday.

    -KB goblet squat, 10x 16kg, 24kg, 24kg
    -quadriped thoracic rotations
    -SA KB OH press, 12kg x8ea, 16kg x5ea x2

    ... read more

  4. walk
    great Noonan Sport Specialists 1.66 mi 00:33 20:06 pace

    Took my client out. Long moving warm-up, 6 rounds of 30s near an 8:00 pace with 90s walking, then a chatty walk back.

  5. FIT
    alright PT: Squat & Bench 01:00

    -back squat, 3x 95, 135, 165, 185, 195
    -thoracic work
    -KB weighted NG pull-up, 7, 6, 6, 5 (kept strict due to back)

    -bench press w/ 4" blocks for feet (due to back), 3x 75, 95, 115, 115
    -foam... read more

  6. FIT
    good NSS Testing 00:30

    Testing the usual Monday movements; light weight, one set of everything just to know how the back will feel. All was okay.

    -arm bar, 12kg x10 breaths ea
    -TGU, 12kg x1ea
    -double rack KB slider reve... read more

  7. walk
    good Runestone County Park 5.88 mi 02:12 22:30 pace

    New place! With Jeremy & both dogs; no running today to keep the back healing up.

    The map is useless: our first two attempts turned into dead ends. When we finally found "real" tr... read more

  8. FIT
    injured PT: Deadlift

    -deadlift, 135 x3, 225 x3, 255 x3, 275 x3 +strained low back :(
    -OH mobility work
    -OH carry, 12kg x30yds x4

    -hip bridge, nope, not even BW was okay
    -SA chin w/ other hand on band, 1ea, 3ea x... read more

  9. FIT
    good NSS Playtime 00:45

    -bottom-up TGU, 18lb x1ea x2
    -SA DB chest press, 45 x8ea x2
    -arm bar, 16kg x10breaths ea, x2

    -front squat, 85 x5, 95x5
    -push-up, 15 x2
    -double KB rack carry, 16kgs x60yds x2

    Upper back is getting... read more

  10. RUN
    alright Couch to 5k 2.95 mi 00:31 10:23 pace

    Run 24, walk 2, run 4. Me & DQ, while the two noobs (who aren't, really) kept each other company. This felt hard tonight.

  11. RUN
    great Personal Training 1.79 mi 00:26 14:24 pace

    Took my new little 11-year old client out for a 1-mile run, then a bit of sprinting & walking. Establishing a baseline.

  12. FIT
    great PT: Squat & Bench 01:00

    -back squat, 3x 115, 165, 185, 205
    -thoracic work
    -KB weighted NG pull-up, 16kg x7, 6, 6, 6

    -bench press, 3x 95, 115, 125, 140
    -FR dead bug, 10ea x4

    -b-stance trapbar 2" deficit de... read more

  13. FIT
    good NSS Playtime 00:45

    -dislocates, 10 xs
    -TGU, 12kg x1ea, 16kg x1ea
    -double KB rack slider reverse lunge, 16kgs x4ea x3
    -toes to bar, 5 x3

    -double KB SL RDL, 16kgs x8ea x3
    -double KB rack carry, 16 kgs x30yds ea x2
    -... read more

  14. walk
    good Lake Carlos State Park 7.15 mi 02:25 20:15 pace

    Another long walk with Jeremy. Turned out to be a totally gorgeous day after the sky finally quit sputtering.

  15. FIT
    good NSS Playtime 01:30

    -overhead press 55 x3 x3, 65 x3 (2 or 3*), 70 x3 x2**
    -KB low windmill, 16kg x5ea x3

    -peanut & T-spine mobility work x2
    -arm bar, 16kg x10 breaths ea x2
    -chair hold pull-up, 5 x2***

    -RDL, 135... read more

  16. RUN
    great Couch to 5k 2.9 mi 00:30 10:28 pace

    Run 21, walk 2, run 7. We are now madly accelerating to hit 30 minutes just before the 5k. Two more weeks of this, and then I'll be free to run wherever, whenever. That also means self-motivat... read more

  17. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2.91 mi 00:31 10:40 pace

    Run 18, walk 2, run 10. Two coaches, zero newbies. We hit the disc golf course to find some shade from the hot sun & 82°. I'm finding more tolerance but still deeply long for 50°.

  18. FIT
    great PT: Deadlift 01:10

    -deadlift, 135 x3, 205 x3, 235 x3, 265 x3
    -OH mobility work
    -SA push press, 20kg x2ea x2 clusters x4

    -hip bridge, 265 x3, 315 x3, 365 x3, 395 x3
    -SA chin w/ other hand on band, 2ea x3 clusters ... read more

  19. FIT
    great NSS Playtime 01:00

    -bottom-up TGU, 18 x1ea x3
    -SA DB chest press, 45 x8ea x3
    -arm bar, 16kg x10 breaths ea x3

    -double KB front squat, 16kgs x3
    -push-up, 10 x3
    -SA KB rack carry, 20kg x30yds ea x3

  20. RUN
    great Couch to 5k 2.93 mi 00:31 10:31 pace

    Run 15, walk 2. Past halfway! Small group of 7 on a hot night. Trails felt lovely, and the heat was more tolerable than I expected.