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  1. RUN
    great Easy 5 5.25 mi 00:42 07:56 pace

    A nice Christmas jog - minimal traffic & no rain meant it was easy to settle into a mechanic rhythm. Started to pay a bit more attention to pace on inclines that result in minimizing HR spike.... read more

  2. RUN
    Easy run with strides 5.66 mi 00:44 07:49 pace

    Today was a great validation on the efforts to improve my running economy!

    Everything I've done so far in following the Daniels plan has been at a slow pace, so I wasn't sure how things ... read more

  3. RUN
    great wet run 5.25 mi 00:42 08:00 pace

    Cold, wet and rainy. Which wasn't all that bad, actually. However, it was a battle of 'how many layers can I put on' vs 'how long will it take the rain to soak through all tho... read more

  4. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week4Day1-Long Run 7.19 mi 00:58 08:04 pace

    First run with any written purpose in the plan - a 'long' run of 25% of weekly mileage. Wasn't sure exactly how far to go, as my mileage has been in the 25-33 miles per week or so, b... read more

  5. RUN
    great Daniels-P1W3D7-Easy4.75 4.75 mi 00:39 08:08 pace

    Temps were warm enough to go out in just running shorts and a shirt - no jacket, pants, gloves, hat required - which was a nice change from the past couple weeks. Felt pretty dialed in from the sta... read more

  6. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week2Day5-Easy4.5 4.46 mi 00:38 08:26 pace

    Legs felt a bit slow and tired as compared to yesterday, likely due from last nights dodgeball 2 hr marathon - light soreness of the glutes and legs in general. Managed to keep decent cadence, cont... read more

  7. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week2Day4 3.72 mi 00:31 08:25 pace

    After a couple days of not being able to run due to a busy schedule, I managed to get this one in. With the cadence of 178/180 feeling more comfortable (not quite natural - just more comfortable), ... read more

  8. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week3Day1-Easy3.75 3.75 mi 00:34 09:11 pace

    Winter storm brought a silver lining - since it was getting slippery out by the time I headed out for this run, I managed to figure out how to slow down while keeping cadence and other form mechani... read more

    • Jayson

      Let me know how Daniels is working for you. this is my second go around.

      about 5 years ago Like

  9. RUN
    Daniels-Phase1Week2Day7-Easy6 6 mi 00:46 07:44 pace

    Decided to go to six today, anticipating that with snow and bad weather, I may end up at only 4 or so tomorrow - we'll see. Started out with a niggle on the inside of the right knee - felt as ... read more

  10. RUN
    great Daniels-P1W2D6-Easy5 5.25 mi 00:41 07:47 pace

    Followed by a beer mile attempt, so I haven't written up a summary yet. Maybe some other time.

  11. RUN
    great Daniels-P1W2D5-Easy5 5.25 mi 00:41 07:48 pace

    The past few days I've been slowly extending distance a bit, as I feel that a lot of progress has been made in the past couple weeks in terms of not feeling sore or tight after runs, and my me... read more

    • Julia M.
      Julia M.

      wow that is impressive - sounds like you are adapting!

      about 5 years ago Like

  12. RUN
    great Daniels-P1W2D4-Easy4.5 4.62 mi 00:36 07:42 pace

    Same route as yesterday. Brought the cadence back up, as I felt like overall body positioning was another notch closer to goal. Once again went a bit fast, but this route also has limited totally ... read more

  13. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week2Day3-Easy4.5 4.64 mi 00:37 07:59 pace

    Another easy run. No specific concentration, just more integration of all things worked on - glutes, pelvic rotation, posture, and cadence.

    Overall, it felt real solid - like things were starting... read more

  14. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week2Day2-Easy3.5 3.5 mi 00:27 07:48 pace

    A bit of a shorter run, squeezing it in before going to yoga. Was originally figuring I'd take this day off. Nothing new here except continuing to try to make mechanics feel more natural. Gett... read more

  15. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week2Day1-Easy4 4.14 mi 00:33 07:51 pace

    Another easy 4. Left hamstring has been a bit sore the past couple days, and I'm noticing that both hamstrings are getting tighter overall, so I'm glad that I backed off on the initially ... read more

    • Julia M.
      Julia M.

      Fast pace, maybe if you backed off the pace too it would help, esp with the everyday running. Good form work!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Ryan

      ^ That is what I'm trying to do! :)
      Seriously, though - trying to keep the cadence up just ends up making the pace faster without intending it. It's like the only way all other aspects of form seem to feel right is when I'm going 20-30 sec/mile faster than I should be. Going at the 'right' pace feels too upright - but it may just be one of those things that I have to get used to gradually.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Lauren V.
      Lauren V.

      that happened to me to start with when I started working on cadence. now its just a tad faster, but I think it feels like an easier effort. I think its supposed to be like that? Well, you are doing great!

      about 5 years ago Like

  16. RUN
    great Pearl Harbor Hash 6.1 mi 02:21 23:06 pace

    Wow.. how do I describe a hash run?

    First of all - it's barely a run. Hashers describe themselves as drinkers with a running problem. And that is a pretty accurate description. There are s... read more

    • Mike K.
      Mike K.

      Now that's something different! You sent me on a fun Google trek for a Sunday morning. Among other things saw a list of Atlanta Hasher names. I can see your trepidation ...

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Susan G.
      Susan G.

      That sounds like so much fun. Nice work.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Chris

      Are you 100 % sure this happened, or did you just dream it ! Sounds a blast !

      about 5 years ago Like

  17. RUN
    great Daniels-Phase1Week1Day6-Easy4 3.75 mi 00:29 07:40 pace

    Another easy 4-ish miles. Took a different route, trying to maybe get some smoother sidewalk conditions. I also knew this route would be gradual uphill during the first half, and gradual downhill o... read more

    • Rob F.
      Rob F.

      Nice 4! I've never paid attention to the mechanics or cadence, but maybe one of these days...

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      Great work on this. I"m so in awe, you get great results for your efforts on this stuff.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Bill H.
      Bill H.

      Nice work Ryan

      about 5 years ago Like

  18. RUN
    good Daniels-Phase1Week1Day5 4.27 mi 00:34 07:50 pace

    After yesterdays run where I felt like the primary items of glute activation, pelvic rotation and rearward extension were feeling more comfortable, today I added in trying to up the cadence a bit. ... read more

    • Julia M.
      Julia M.

      I find it absolutely amazing how my form has changed over the last 2 years and really it all started with just increasing my cadence. The rest just evolved. I'm far from where I really want to be but just that simple adjustment reaped HUGE rewards! Form is always worth working on!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

  19. Sometimes we all need a little motivation...

  20. Since DM doesn't allow tagging in comments, I'm writing this in a note.

    Susan F. - There have been times I've wanted to make a somewhat.. risque.. comment on your wall, but always ... read more