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Enjoyed my year off but excited to ramp up and train again! Bayshore Half, Charlevoix, MI Mary for practice, BQ Mary TBD Early Sept STAY HEALTHY, HAVE FUN

Wall of Motivation (163)

  1. Annabelle W.
      Nice Job

    gooooood morning! on a workout

  2. Candace P.
      Nice Job

    Don't feel bad. You just ran a marathon on a tough course! Take a rest and g... read more

  3. John P.
      Great Performance

    From a fellow Chicagoan flatlander, that's something to be proud of. on a workout

  4. Amber M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Damn girl, you have a ton of determination. A 4 minute PR is huge! You'll ge... read more

  5. Paula K.
      You're an Inspiration

    I appreciate you sharing this, and I know there's nothing any of us can say t... read more

  6. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Woot! Sounds like you'll do great on the 31st! on a workout

  7. Candace P.
      Nice Job

    Awesome run! You will do great! on a workout

  8. Desiree K.
      Great Performance

    On a Thursday morning! ROCK STUD. on a workout

  9. Paula K.
      Nice Job

    ME TOO! on a workout

  10. Kate B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing miles! on a workout

  11. Tim D.

    Congrats for toughing it out! Don't beat yourself up for missing a pace goal ... read more

  12. John P.
      Great Performance

    hellz yeah! on a workout

  13. Michael G.

    Congrats! Great, great comeback race for you... so happy for you! on a workout

  14. Heather K W.
      Nice Job

    Be careful! I hope you have a foam roller with you! on a workout

  15. John K.
      Nice Job

    Atta Jaqueline!!!! Great job and even better job on enjoying the hell outta ... read more

  16. Heather K W.
      Nice Job

    Yay! That's great news! on a workout

  17. Sara S.
      You're Badass

    Way to HTFU and not give up. on a workout

  18. Danielle M.
      Get Better

    Oh no! This wind definitely sucks!!! Hope the foot is ok! on a workout

  19. Pavlos
      Nice Job

    Great workout Jacqueline , i keep the "legs feel pleasantly tired, " :-) ! on a workout

  20. Alex M.

    you said "windy fartlek" (sorry I know I am a child) Sorry that you are hav... read more

  21. Meg R.
      Feel Better

    I'm sorry to hear things are rough for you. I hope your day is absolutely in... read more

  22. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Marvelous run Jacqueline superb 12 miler!! on a workout

  23. Lena H.
      You're Funny

    Ha! Love the title. Did mine last night -- have my back massager creatively t... read more

  24. Brent P.

    Nice work and thanks for the friend request Jacqueline!! on a workout

  25. Chas M.
      Get Better

    I've had issues like that... Could be stress, lack of sleep, or overtraining.... read more

  26. Tony
      Nice Job

    Awesome TM run! on a workout

  27. Tim D.

    Nice 8K! Congrats on your PR and a great pace. on a workout

  28.   You Rock

    So speedy! Congrats on the PR!!! on a workout

  29. James

    Well done on a great PR.

  30. Chris B.

    Magnificent job !! on a workout

  31. Jim C.
      Great Performance

    Nice PR! on a workout

  32. Danielle M.
      Feel Better

    Oh no! Hope it loosens up soon! on a workout

  33. Desiree K.
      You're Funny

    Nice! I "tapered" for my half last Sunday with two easy runs, but then did tw... read more

  34. John
      Great Performance

    nice job on a workout

  35.   You're an Inspiration

    Nice job getting it in! A lot of peeps would have dumped the workout entirely... read more

  36.   Hi-five

    Nice run, Jacq! I love getting new shoes! See you in a little while :) on a workout

  37. Pavlos
      Nice Job

    well done Jacqueline, put some ice on your calves! on a workout

  38. Greg D.
      Feel Better

    I hope you feel better soon! on a workout

  39. Tim D.
      Nice Job

    9 minute mile pace on rusty legs? Very nice run! on a workout

  40. Maria C.
      Nice Job

    Good job!!!! on a workout

  41. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Happy Birthday ......Awesome run today!! on a workout

  42. John K.
      Nice Job

    Great Brick workout today . I'll call it a brick. on a workout

  43. Mark R.
      Nice Job

    Yay running! How did the run feel after the Bar Method training? on a workout

  44. Maria C.
      Nice Job

    I LOVE bar method!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately we moved from Chicago to some... read more

  45. Stephanie R.
      Great Performance

    You rocked it! That was a fun race! on a workout

  46. Jeff H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Not bad, not bad at all. I didn't know you were running, I should have looked... read more

  47. Jeff
      Great Performance

    You rocked it! Great work Jac! on a workout

  48. John K.
      Nice Job

    Woot woot! Awesomeness. on a workout

  49. John K.
      Nice Job

    Gotta do that once in a while otherwise life lacks friendship and conversatio... read more

  50. John K.
      Nice Job

    Consider that your hill work out for the week. Raging WORK! on a workout