Friends (114)

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Lisa P.

    Lisa P.

    Jacksonville, FL, become a 500 hour registered yoga teacher; Become an aquacize teacher

  • Melanie H.

    Melanie H.

    Fosston, MN, 1) Get back down to 20:30 in 5K <--- ACHIEVED 12/21/13 20:23. 2) Break 44:00 in 10K. 3) Break 1:40:00 in half-marathon. 5) Do a marathon. <--- ACHIEVED 10/26/14

  • Lynsey D.

    Lynsey D.

    Reno, NV, Sub 23:00 min 5k --- Sub 1:55:00 HM 1000 miles in 2016

  • Lacy L.

    Lacy L.

    Stevens Point, WI, Kettle 38 night fun run (6/4/16), Just Run 5K drag (9/3/2016), Birkie Trail 100K (10/01/16)

  • Marcy A.

    Marcy A.

    Reno, NV, Silver State PR. More Half-Marathon events in 2015

  • Laura A.

    Laura A.

    Rochester, NY, To maintain my Successfully Dysfunctional runner status. [PR's 5k-18:46, Half-1:24:51, Full-2:58:13, 70.3-6:09]

  • Tracey W.

    Tracey W.

    Reno, NV, Silver State 50/50 half. Possibly Bizz Johnson full...we'll see. I should run some Tahoe event too

  • Rochelle P.

    Rochelle P.

    , To enjoy every mile along the way.

  • Ursula E.

    Ursula E.

    Napa, CA, In 2016 I officially become a senior citizen. Age is just a number. My goal for 2016 is to become a stronger and faster runner. Feet don't fail me now.

  • Michael C.

    Michael C.

    Reno, NV, For 2014 I will focus on my marathon training. I will run less events, but more miles. I will run at least 2014 miles this year.

  • Alyx U.

    Alyx U.

    Honolulu, HI, Ironman Cozumel WBFF Fitness WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PRO SHOW 3 Ultra Marathons in 2015

  • Frank D.

    Frank D.

    Pleasanton, CA,

  • Dave K.

    Dave K.

    Carmichael, CA, Sub 30hr Western States 2014

  • Gordie B.

    Gordie B.

    Brooklyn, NY, Sub-3:00 Marathon (3:06.50 PR). Sub-1:26 Half (1:27.45 PR). Sub-38 min 10K (38:51 PR), sub-18 min 5K (18:29 PR), sub-5 min mile (5:24 PR).

  • Jaspreet S.

    Jaspreet S.

    Reno, NV, marathon

  • Alisyn G.

    Alisyn G.

    Placerville, CA, Run a Half Mary in 1:45. Run sub 4 Marathon. Cut my 200 meter sprint time in half and compete in an open water swim event and try to make it out alive.

  • Ashley N.

    Ashley N.

    Sparks, NV, a future goal and a sprint triathalon!

  • Jenslife


    , Triatholon in 2014 Century Ride in next 2 years

  • Marjo M.

    Marjo M.

    , run run run

  • Shigeks O.

    Shigeks O.

    Tokyo, JP, Becoming friends with runners all over the world. Collapse. If you see me collapse, stop my GARMIN.

  • Mike W.

    Mike W.

    Marlborough, MA, Want to be able to run a 50 minute 10k by end of 2011 ! Check me out on facebook at and I will like you back!

  • Travis H.

    Travis H.

    Orlando, FL, Current PR: 2:59:49 at Space Coast Marathon 2012 Goal: Boston Marathon in sub 2:57

  • Kristal M.

    Kristal M.

    Albany, OR, Finish C25K and eventually run some 5Ks, lose weight and get into better shape.

  • Cynara S.

    Cynara S.

    Fortaleza, BR, My goal is to get back on Dailymile again, hahaha.