Friends (20)

  • Robert R.

    Robert R.

    Palm Harbor, FL, 5,000 miles

  • Manel G.

    Manel G.

    L'Escala, ES, feel good, to be active....

  • Simon E.

    Simon E.

    , My 2016 goal is to run, ride, walk, swim 3000 miles. I'll be raising some cash for three charities that have all had a personal impact. Link in profile.

  • Laurie K.

    Laurie K.

    Surrey, GB, Have an absolute blast.

  • Takeshi S.

    Takeshi S.

    Tokyo, JP, Moon

  • Charlie L.

    Charlie L.

    Brighton, GB, Loose a bit of bulk and also training to cycle the L2B (Team Ganda) and eventually do the London 2 Paris (Avenue Verte)

  • Scott J.

    Scott J.

    Cape Coral, FL, 1. Have fun 2. Ride every day 3. Core workout every day 4. 200k Brevet 5. 12,000 miles 6. Florida Senior Games (5k/10k TT & 20k/40k Road Race)

  • Andy F.

    Andy F.

    Crawley, GB, To lose between 14 and 28 pounds and improve my general fitness.

  • Saffers


    United Kingdom, GB, Half Ironman completed in 2011 in 6hrs 19mins. Outlaw Ironman 2012 in 13hrs 58mins Outlaw Half Ironman 2013 in 6hrs 6mins Now aiming for under 6 hours

  • Manuela H.

    Manuela H.

    Berlin, DE, Get stuff off my head, stress relief, stay fit, have fun & get fresh air. In addition I'm trying to track every meter my bicycle moves ;-). Started 06/12/2011.

  • Kelly S.

    Kelly S.

    Houston, TX, Lose weight, get killer muscles, live long, enjoy life.

  • Jj S.

    Jj S.

    United Kingdom, GB,

  • Jd K.

    Jd K.

    Johannesburg, ZA, 2012 Miles for 2012 : 3238km

  • Zoe W.

    Zoe W.

    Crawley, GB, effortless health and fitness

  • Duncan C.

    Duncan C.

    East Grinstead, GB,

  • Kathleen M.

    Kathleen M.

    St Louis, MO, chico wildflower century (april '12), davis double (may '12) and victory in tour de donut (july '12)

  • Justin B.
  • Andy



  • Rebecca H.

    Rebecca H.

    London, GB, Please sponsor me in my first ever marathon at rebeccaharwood THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

  • Rael W.