14304 total / 2508 in 2014

1) Work on gearing up for a half IM or two in 2014. 2) Improve my swimming technique by doing drills, drills, and more drills.

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  • 14 miles
  • 01:58 time
  • 1489 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good Windy Morning Run 8 mi 01:08 08:30 pace

    Pretty breezy out there today. The plan called for 4 easy, 3 @ MP (7:54, 7:54, 7:58 splits), and 1 easy. For the MP miles I didn't look at my watch during each mile but ran by feel instead. Th... read more

    • Tracy

      Nice work, Steve!

      about 13 hours ago Like

    • Natalie E.
      Natalie E.

      when your ready to go slow for an early morning run, let me know I would really like 2 legged company

      about 2 hours ago Like1 person

    • Steve R.
      Steve R.

      Define slow. :) It would be great to get together for some early miles. Would you ever be interested in joining us for a Tuesday morning track workout at Fitch HS? I'll start going to those again after the race. 0500 start.

      about 1 hour ago Like

  2. RUN
    good Short Speed/Circuit 6.02 mi 00:50 08:21 pace

    Braved the chilly temps this morning and headed out for a little speed/circuit work.

    2 mile w/u @ ~ 8:45
    1) Run 800 meters @ 7:03
    2) 12 burpees
    3) 15 bent over rows (kind of, I used a park... read more

  3. RUN
    good Short Circuit + Easy Half 13.11 mi 01:54 08:41 pace

    Did 1 set of my circuit workout to wake things up then headed out for an easy half. I probably went a little harder than I intended to but oh well. Two weeks to go time. Plenty of days to rest up.

  4. I downloaded my registration form for NYC. Last year I was in Wave 1 on top of the bridge. This year with the same projected finish time I am still in Wave 1 (thankfully), but in the Green starting... read more

  5. RUN
    alright Rainy, Jet-lagged Run 5.01 mi 00:41 08:10 pace

    Started this run intending for it to be an easy run as I just got home from a 13-hour red-eye journey back from Las Vegas. Once I started running, I realized my brain was foggy, my body was very ti... read more

  6. RUN
    good Easy morning run 4.37 mi 00:44 10:08 pace

    Ran with a group of people here at the conference this morning. Fun to go exploring in a new city. Pace was painfully slow, but after the wine last night, I didn't really want to run fast anyw... read more

    • Heidi W.
      Heidi W.

      Wine will do that to ya. Nice easy group run.

      8 days ago Like

    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      Great stuff while on a work conference! Wine or no wine it must've been tough going that slow!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Steve R.
      Steve R.

      It was, Tricky. The first 2 miles were at about 11:00 pace then the slowest guys turned around and I ran the last 2.4 with the least slowest guy at about 9:00 pace. Maybe I'll get crazy and run again tomorrow. We'll see. :)

      8 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    good First Stop: Recovery Miles 6.53 mi 00:56 08:34 pace

    What, isn't the first thing EVERYONE does when they first get to Vegas is hit the treadmill for some recovery miles? I know, I am sick, but figured I should knock out a few miles. It was eithe... read more

  8. RUN
    good Bring.On.NYC 14.01 mi 01:52 07:58 pace

    I am ready. Today's plan called for 7 easy, 4 at MP, and 3 easy. I was feeling really good today so my "easy" Miles 1-7 and 11-13 were between 7:52-8:11. The 4 at MP were 7:43, 7:47,... read more

    • Tracy

      Great run, Steve!!!! Sweet to be right where you want to be in your training. :)

      12 days ago Like

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    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      Read this this morning & didn't have time to comment. Best marathon training run to date maybe?! :). So excited for you. This is what makes it all worth it.

      11 days ago Like

    • Steve R.
      Steve R.

      I'm with you on this one, Tricky. It went so well. I am anxious to see what race day brings my way!

      11 days ago Like

  9. RUN
    good More miles in the bank 6 mi 00:50 08:19 pace

    Didn't get home until almost 2200 last night but knew I needed to get some miles in this morning since I am on kid duty starting after school. So, I dragged my tail out of bed for some miles. ... read more

  10. FIT
    good Speed/Circuit 5.56 mi 00:47 08:29 pace

    As soon as I arrived at my hotel, I got dressed in my running gear and headed out the door. I knew if I procrastinated even a little, I would have a repeat of this morning's lack of performanc... read more

  11. VELO
    great Mystic Velo Club Picnic Ride ... 51.99 mi 03:02 17.1mph pace

    Awesome weather for an awesome ride with the MVC folks today. Fun roads, about 3000 feet of climbing, comfortable pace (mostly). I was a little concerned having not ridden much the last 6 weeks or ... read more

    • Natalie E.
      Natalie E.

      nice ride!!

      17 days ago Like

    • Tracy

      Sounds great, bummed I couldn't make it, but I'm sure you had enough fun for both of us. Nice ride! :)

      17 days ago Like

    • Penny R.
      Penny R.

      Your base fitness is so solid that you can go from running to cycling without any problems...NICE RIDE STEVE!

      17 days ago Like

  12. RUN
    good Short long run? 14.01 mi 01:59 08:29 pace

    You know you are reaching the end of a training cycle when 14 seems like a short long run. Did 7 easy, 4 @ MP (splits: 7:58, 8:01, 7:57, 7:46), then 3 more easy. Easy pace was 8:30-9:00 miles. The ... read more

    • Penny R.
      Penny R.

      Is NYC 4 weeks away? Nice short long run this morning -- this title is fitting because you know it is true when you start saying "oh I just ran 14 miles" as if that was nothing.

      19 days ago Like

    • Steve R.
      Steve R.

      Yup, Penny. 02NOV is race day. I can't wait!

      19 days ago Like

    • Natalie E.
      Natalie E.

      I can't wait for those numbers! What an inspiration!!

      18 days ago Like1 person

    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      Ha! Yes, I do remember when 14 seems short. Great MP miles!

      18 days ago Like

  13. RUN
    good Easy run w/Alex 5.17 mi 00:47 08:59 pace

    Garmin wasn't playing nice with DM this morning. Grrr. Had an awesome recovery run with Alex this morning. Really nice, crisp air out there today.

  14. RUN
    good Just a run near the rain 6.01 mi 00:50 08:16 pace

    What was billed as an "as you feel" run turned into a tempo run. Legs were feeling surprisingly good after yesterday's speed/circuit so decided to take Miles 2,3,4 at MP, but going b... read more

  15. FIT
    good Speed/Circuit 3.25 mi

    Although I've been sticking pretty close to the plan I had in mind this training cycle, I am now almost 30 days out from race day. I had really great success last year with a "30-day plan... read more

    • Alexander W.
      Alexander W.

      That's pretty sweet! Go, Steve!

      21 days ago Like1 person

    • Steve R.
      Steve R.

      We should do it outside one morning. We run down to the boardwalk, do exercises on the green and intervals around the block. I've done it before and it was far better than doing it in the gym. You game?

      21 days ago Like

  16. VELO
    good Recovery Ride 26.3 mi 01:31 17.4mph pace

    Needed to spin the legs out after yesterday's run. It was a little chilly with average temp of 49 but I was dressed appropriately so stayed pretty comfortable. My legs were feeling good but go... read more

    • Penny R.
      Penny R.

      Excellent LR yesterday and recovery ride today -- your marathon training is going great! Just a little over a month and you will be back on the streets of NYC!!

      24 days ago Like

  17. FIT
    good Scout outing to Devil's Hopyard 2 mi

    Beautiful day for a hike in the woods with the boys. Going to finish off the hike with some ice cream from Salem Valley Farms. Yum!

  18. RUN
    good Long run, new shoes 20.01 mi 02:47 08:19 pace

    Took a risk this morning and headed out in the new shoes that arrived yesterday. I must say, they are awesome! They feel so light on my feet. Today's run was a progressive run through 16 miles... read more

    • Tricky T.
      Tricky T.

      Just now catching up after a few days off of DM. This was a GREAT long run. You stayed right on those targets--impressive!

      23 days ago Like

  19. Shared Photo

    NYC race shoes arrived today. Can't wait to run in them!

  20. RUN
    good Interval Day 9.57 mi 01:18 08:09 pace

    The goal for today's workout was to spend ~ 40 minutes at MP. My target was 8:00 pace for the intervals but ended up just slightly faster for most of them. Legs felt good. Average HR was 138 t... read more