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Michelle logged 66 miles.

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  1. FIT
    great Zumba Toning Class 01:00

    15 minutes of killer abs and planks and stuff, then 45 minutes of dancing with "toning sticks." I hate the word "toning" more and more.

  2. FIT
    good Yoga Class 01:00

    Mostly hip openers again... I am feeling it today!

  3. FIT
    great Zumba 00:50

    I LOVE ZUMBA! My instructor is great, and this time, I convinced my other roommate and my friend from class to come! Success :)

    • Amanda

      I've always wanted to try Zumba! That's awesome you have a couple of friends in there with you! :)

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    • Michelle M.
      Michelle M.

      You should really try it! I didn't like it much the first time I tried, but that's because my instructor was an older lady that kept forgetting the dance moves.. haha. My instructor at my university is a little younger and much peppier and exciting :)

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  4. FIT
    great Yoga Class 01:00

    Lots of crazy hip openers this class. I think I did a great job at keeping my mind still in Savasana too :)

    • Jamie M.
      Jamie M.

      Nice job! I need to do more yoga for exactly that reason. My hips get very tight.

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  5. FIT
    great Zumba 01:00

    Great class! This time we used some weird stick-weights for "toning." Ugh, hate that word...

  6. FIT
    great Yoga with my Roommate 00:30

    Quick yoga while watching The Little Mermaid.

  7. FIT
    great Yoga Class 01:00

    Okay class. Got the soreness out of my legs, but I hate doing slow triangles.

  8. FIT
    great Zumba! 00:55

    No idea how many calories I burned (a google search says over 500?!) but I had SUCH a great time! I'll be going back for sure :)

    • Allison S.
      Allison S.

      yes!! i love zumba too! I got to zumba a bunch this summer and it was GREAT! wish i could help you out with the calories there, but I have no idea either

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Gina J.
      Gina J.

      I could believe it's close to 500 in almost an hour; my Garmin with heart rate monitor says I burn over 500 calories for an hour long run, which includes some walk breaks, and I know Zumba is pretty darn intense.

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    • Kaylee H.
      Kaylee H.

      I LOVE Zumba!!!!! SOOOOO much fun!

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    • Deea

      Zumba looks so fun! My niece teaches it in TN, unfortunately, I'm in UT! I want to try it!

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  9. #dailymission walk home from the gym, sit down with a big glass of water, dailymile!

  10. FIT
    great Latin Dance 00:45

    Got a boy to dance at club who was shy and learned a few new steps!

  11. FIT
    great Yoga Class 01:00

    AWESOME class! Sun salutations and a lot of work on flexibility. Normally, when I reach to touch my toes I can only reach my shins, but by the end of class, I was nearly touching the floor!

  12. FIT
    great C25K Warmup 0.83 mi 00:10:00 12:02 pace

    Just waiting for an open treadmill.. :)

  13. RUN
    good C25K 5.2 1.66 mi 00:24 14:27 pace

    Did my warmup on the elliptical because the gym is still full of Resolutioners (yay!) so it's pretty busy (boo!).
    Went better than expected!

  14. RUN
    alright C25K 5.1 2.14 mi 00:32 14:57 pace

    Back to Week 5... We'll see how it goes. It was difficult today, I felt like I needed to quit but I decided I wasn't going to. I miss being able to run 23 minutes solid... or even 10. Can... read more

  15. FIT
    good Yoga Class 01:00

    Did sun salutations and some more seated poses today. I wish the class was a bit more fast-paced... but as soon as I thought that, we did speedy sun salutations. I couldn't even keep up, hah!

  16. FIT
    good Easy Yoga 00:20

    Just some simple poses with my roommate.

  17. FIT
    great Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout 00:20

    Feels good to finally get a cardio workout in. I have a run tomorrow, yay! :)

  18. FIT
    great Yoga Class 01:00

    First day of my for-credit class! This is turning into DailyOm instead of DailyMile... haha. Some tough poses today. Hero pose and its variations are very difficult for me.

    • Chris R.
      Chris R.

      Thats great that you can take a class for school and get a workout in

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Michelle M.
      Michelle M.

      Yeah, I think I'll be taking a fitness class each semester now. I'm lucky enough to be on scholarship so it doesn't cost any extra. :)

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