Friends (98)

  • Dirtdawg50k


    Royal Oak, MI,

  • Todd C.

    Todd C.

    Jonesville, MI, Is to just keep running!

  • James D.

    James D.

    Red Lion, PA, At least one marathon in each state.

  • Bob D

    Bob D

    Ann Arbor, MI, Less weight

  • Nick G.

    Nick G.

    Ypsilanti, MI, In 2014, stay healthy and break each PR set in 2013. Focus more on enjoying each run. Be grateful and stay consistent.

  • Heather


    Ann Arbor, MI, Life goals: break 3:00 in marathon and qualify for Kona Closer goals: break 3:30 in 2012...and take my first shot at Kona at IM Canada.

  • Melanie P.

    Melanie P.

    San Luis Obispo, CA, Get back in shape for Sean O'Brien in Feb!

  • Eddie M.

    Eddie M.

    Birmingham, MI, Getting fit and enjoying a year of renewal

  • Stacey G.

    Stacey G.

    MI, to see how far i can take myself.

  • Kelownagurl T.

    Kelownagurl T.

    Kelowna, BC, Half marathon PR in October. Maybe Victoria?

  • Chris S.
  • Mark P.

    Mark P.

    Columbus, OH, Be healthy, run as long as I can

  • Celeste K.

    Celeste K.

    Monroe, MI, Keep up with running, trying to get in at least 3 runs and I'd love to be able to run 5 times a week.Train for a half marathon I haven't done yet, maybe Chicago

  • Bryan


    Los Angeles, CA, To look good in a mankini.

  • Hong W.

    Hong W.

    South Lyon, MI, Personal improvement, enjoy every step with a smile :)!

  • Mary Beth

    Mary Beth

    Detroit, MI, Stop being injured!

  • Stacie Z.

    Stacie Z.

    Commerce, MI, Considering a Marathon this year and to be in the best shape!

  • James R.

    James R.

    Rock Hill, SC, 2014 Running Goals Sub 3:30 Marathon

  • Sandy S.

    Sandy S.

    Detroit, MI, My goal is to do a sub-24 hour 100 mile race. I'm also working at running a marathon or ultra in all 50 states.

  • Sarah V.

    Sarah V.

    Ann Arbor, MI, Run consistently and just go for it!

  • Joshua B.

    Joshua B.

    Warren, MI, |Rebooting the Machine|

  • Jenni O.

    Jenni O.

    IN, 1. Finish 50 mile ultra 2. run 80 miles at North Coast 24 HR

  • Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Troy, MI, 2015: 1. No-Wimps Challenge (1/2 & 50K) 2. Run Woodstock 50K 3. Oil Creek 100K

  • Patrick K.

    Patrick K.

    Kenya, KE, long distance races ,cross country, middle distance very much interested in breaking some international races and world records in long races

  • Trailplodder


    Helsinki, FI, TransGranCanaria 125km +8500m MAR06 Ecotrail Oslo 80km +1900m MAY23 Lavaredo Ultra Trail 119km +5850m JUN26 Swiss Irontrail 201km +11440m AUG13