Ramkumar ran: Today I crossed the b...

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  • 7 miles
  • 01:17 time
  • 11:15 pace
  • 1027 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 4/5 Effort.
    effort 4/5
great park at k k nagar chennai 11 km 01:17 11:15 pace

Today I crossed the barrier of a rest day, and got ready for another day of running, I hate taking rest days from running...Its equivalent to going to work on a Sunday! It was a wonderful run in sand again, 11 km. . . .hope I had some more time to run, I have only myself to blame , if I start my running so late in the morning ..But to put in a steady 10 and 10 + km for the eighth day continuously, I have to thank the challenge of the event...Wow...it has really got me going
People ask me, why do I run? For me, this question always leaves me dumbfounded. I nod my head, I don’t know. Moreover, it’s very difficult to answer this question, to a guy for whom, running is not a passion...
Years ago, I was attending a management class. They asked me’ what I want to be’, my goals, my ambition etc I mumbled something. The answers didn’t even convince me. But others had wonderful answers; ‘want to become an entrepreneur, rich, CEO’ Etc. Then he asked another question “Now, if you all have only one hour to live, how will you live it. Don’t think, answer immediately” he thundered...I stood up immediately, and said.”Sir, I will find a peaceful road, and go for a long run” every head turned towards me, they knew I am talking the truth. Many asked me, after that.’Is running very important to you’, I don’t know. But I remember the day. My mom died, I ran...the day my dad died, I ran, my nephew died, I ran.

Why I run? In the morning, when the dawn breaks, there is a sensation in my body... When I put on my shoes, the running dress and get ready to run...there is a feeling of joy, which sweeps through me, I have got sick of eating g delicious food, other pleasures...but ,the joy of running has not diminished a bit, even after 20 years of running. It’s only increasing day by day. When I hit the track, a peace descends on me, my world is magically transformed,The trees look greener, I start noticing the butterflies, the worms that dart across the sand, .As the sun shows more and more of this world, the beam of my running reveals more of my inner and outer world. As I keep running my world becomes bigger and bigger...

I virtually, run away from this world and enter another one, where all my problems seem far away. My mind is serene and peaceful, and my body feels alive and full of enthusiasm. I feel pushed into a state of a virtual paradise, from where I never want to come back, I am in deep communion with my self...I want nothing in that moment, other than the joy of being myself. My mind meets my body. My body meets my mind. I have no identity. I have no desires, no wants...I feel complete.

This feeling lasts almost the whole day. My being gets filled with love. And I am very happy..is this the reason, I don’t know. And I know ,I can never know..