Friends (6)

  • Adrian V.

    Adrian V.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, Keep beating those young pups plus a good GNR time.

  • Jason P.

    Jason P.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, Stay fit, healthy and enjoy riding different bikes on different routes with different folks

  • John E.

    John E.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB, To regain my fitness after my little health blip, I won't be competing in any more triathlons though (I think)

  • Keith W.

    Keith W.

    East Boldon, GB, To get fit and organise & complete a ride for a worthy charity every year, enjoy GB from my saddle and never push a bike up a hill again!

  • Wayne S.

    Wayne S.

    Sunderland, GB,

  • Ken R.

    Ken R.

    Sunderland, GB,