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Around The Bay-30K-March New Jersey Marathon-42.2K-April Haliburton-September Maybe a fall marathon.

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  • Jim M.

    Jim M.


  • Rachelle U.

    Rachelle U.

    , 70.3, 100 mile road race done 1/15. 100 mile trail race 2/16, helping people thru the venue of endurance sports.

  • Kathlene M.

    Kathlene M.

    Shawnee, KS, 2016 Goal: Marine Corps Marathon. Be more consistent and injury free!

  • Ann G.

    Ann G.

    Cathedral City, CA, Baltimore marathon 10-16-10 done New goal 5k in 28 minutes done 2012 goal 5k in under 25 came close 25:15 2013 goal keep running til I can plan races again

  • Kate T.

    Kate T.

    Yellowknife, NT, Run a major race in every province/territory: BC, ON, NS, NL, SK, MB - check; NWT - 2016; the rest TBD. 50k ultra on my 50th birthday.

  • Adamm9


    MA, Never be 350 lbs again. Set a good example for my kids. Show others that you can lose weight and change your life. Run more ultras. Run happy.

  • Bernadette D.

    Bernadette D.

    Orlando, FL, Mostly ultramarathon with Wild Sebastian 100 mile in Nov '14, and Long Haul 100 mi in Jan '15. Space Coast marathon and some 50 milers, too!

  • Crista M.

    Crista M.

    CT, Getting/staying in better shape...and maybe running a 5K for time one day, but for fun works too.

  • Glenn M.

    Glenn M.

    OK, To run as much as possible and share my passion for the sport along the way.

  • Kellie W.

    Kellie W.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Damon N.

    Damon N.

    Albuquerque, NM, 3 day Rock Creek Stage Race and 6 day Transrockies Stage Race 2013 schedule here

  • Heather Punk W.

    Heather Punk W.

    Ringgold, GA, JFR

  • Laura R.

    Laura R.

    Puyallup, WA, I have big dreams and I will get there. One. Day. At. A. Time.

  • Marc S.

    Marc S.

    Epping, NH, This year in 2011 I will run my first Marathon in Niagara, ONT. I have lost 85 pounds since Feb. 21 2010. Twitter: @MynameisMarc

  • Jennifer E.

    Jennifer E.

    Longford, ON, Be in the best shape of my life. Push the limits. See where my body can take me. Enjoy the ride.

  • Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Ottawa, ON, Start over.

  • Lisa Kay L.
  • Janet W.

    Janet W.

    Ramsey, NJ,

  • Julie L.
  • Suzanne E.

    Suzanne E.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Pen P.

    Pen P.

    US, to run farther and faster in 2013.

  • Lindsay T.
  • Jessica R.

    Jessica R.

    Columbus, OH, Cross #1 off on my bucket list - finish 26.2.

  • Eric B.

    Eric B.

    Boulder, CO, First 50 mile (Spring, 2013) — Leadville 100 mile trail run (August, 2013)

  • Aimee Z.

    Aimee Z.

    Epping, NH, To get in shape and model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. Now that I have completed goals of 5k, 10k, half and full marathons...thinking of pursuing ULTRAS