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2013 Goals: not make my back pain worse, VA 10-Miler PR; have fun, be healthy; run some fun new races.

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  • Bobbie D.

    Bobbie D.

    Henrico, VA, Sub-6 mile; sub-20 minute 5K; 3:35 marathon; to be a chin-ups master:)

  • Jay


    Eudora, KS, 3 marathons Lincoln Marathon, Kansas City Half Marathon and the Dallas Marathon. Setting the goal to BQ in Dallas.

  • Alfred H.

    Alfred H.

    Danbury, CT, sub 1:35 half (1:37:10 PR) sub 19:30 5k(19:41 PR), sub 42 10k(42:18 PR) sub 3:20 Marathon(3:43:36 PR) Long Term: see my Cubs win a World Series

  • Kate M.

    Kate M.

    Toronto, ON, 2015: Back up to long-distance running by the end of the year. Slow but steady recovery this year.

  • Pop C.

    Pop C.

    Lancaster, PA, 2015 Goals: Get Leaner (body fat less than 10%); Get Stronger (increase max bench press by 25%); Get Faster ( 5k below 22:00); and Go Longer (complete a 100K).

  • Scott B.

    Scott B.

    Grand Rapids, MI, Sub 3:00 Olympic Triathlon's in 2014,1:25 Sprint Triathlon, 2:00 goal for 25k Run, and a sub 4:00 Marathon.

  • Mustafa A.

    Mustafa A.

    Istanbul, TR, 5 ve 10 km

  • Julie P.

    Julie P.

    Lynchburg, VA,

  • Patrick K.

    Patrick K.

    Kenya, KE, long distance races ,cross country, middle distance very much interested in breaking some international races and world records in long races

  • Alison C.

    Alison C.

    Richmond, VA, BE FIT! RACES: 3/28 - Monument Ave 10K

  • John M.

    John M.

    Ashburn, VA, Improvement

  • Timothy G.

    Timothy G.

    Martinsville, VA, Hokie Half October 2014 Myrtle Beach Mini October 2014 Rock n' Roll Las Vegas November 2014 Star City Half November 2014

  • David W.

    David W.

    Leesburg, VA, 5k 21:59 (PR 22:23) 4-miler 29:59 (PR 30:26) 8k 36:59 (PR 37:22) 10k 44:59 (PR 45:39) Half-Marathon 1:38:59 (PR 1:39:11) Full Marathon Goal 3:35 (PR 3:42:29)

  • Ramazan Zata
  • Shannon J.

    Shannon J.

    Bedford, VA, More half marathons :)

  • Misty W.

    Misty W.

    VA, To continue training after my first half marathon and complete a team race!

  • Ashley F.

    Ashley F.

    Fayetteville, NC, Return to pre-prego weight by May and be able to pass the PT test by April.

  • Mr Ralph

    Mr Ralph

    Lynchburg, VA, Same as any other runner.....Boston! Sub 19 5k Sub 40 10k 1:30 Half 3:10 Marathon

  • Ted W.

    Ted W.

    Leesburg, VA, Qualify someday for Boston Marathon; run 5:24 mile; dunk a basketball (okay, maybe a golf ball!); 5k-19:59; 10k-47:59; 1/2-1:54:00; Full-3:59:59; Bench-200 lbs

  • Blanda C.

    Blanda C.

    , Complete Xterra Guam 2013, do a couple cycling races, a 2 mile swim, and 1000 miles of running.

  • Meredith B.

    Meredith B.

    Lynchburg, VA, Run at least 1,000 miles a year and manage to to do it while raising 3 kids! :)

  • Mary Carter S.

    Mary Carter S.

    Wilmington, NC, Run another half. Enjoy running just to run, not race or PR. Get the knee completely healthy.

  • David H.

    David H.

    Richmond, VA, Running just to run for a little while ...

  • Samantha M.

    Samantha M.

    Bedford, VA, Enjoy Running!!!!!

  • Stacey C.

    Stacey C.

    Columbus, GA, Run sub 21 min 5k (current PR: 21:25). Go sub 1:40 half (current PR: 1:42:57). Run sub 3:30 marathon (current PR: 3:39:36).