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Physician with a passion for adventure. Mantra-Set my soul on fire,RUN&TREK WITH JOY FOR LIFE, power on simple plant based food &send rural kids to Isha school.

Friends (517)

  • Kawika C.

    Kawika C.

    Kihei, HI, 50 Marathons 50 States 50 Weeks to celebrate my 50th birthday

  • Sandip B.

    Sandip B.

    San Jose, CA, 5k (*) -> 10k (*) -> 20k -> 50k -> 50m <br /> * - Done

  • Vishwanathan J.

    Vishwanathan J.

    Hubli, IN, Keep challenging myself

  • Mili S.

    Mili S.

    New Delhi, IN, ADHM 2013 in 2:20:00. Completing a 100km Race in 2013

  • Ashok N.

    Ashok N.

    Bangalore, IN, Win Boston Marathon in 2018

  • Sandeep K.

    Sandeep K.

    Hyderabad, IN, 10K run <45 mins/ HM <1:45 hr/ 100K ride @ 30k/h

  • Sunil Kumar Y.

    Sunil Kumar Y.

    Mandhan, IN, 100 k under 10 hour . Marathon run under 3 hours, 5000m run in 15min. 100mi (160km) in 20 hours

  • Ashish K.

    Ashish K.

    Pune, IN, To complete 21 K run with timing less than 2 H / To complete Full Marathon up to 4H 30M

  • Venky


    Bangalore, IN,

  • Sanjay


    Pune, IN, To ride more than last year .

  • George A.

    George A.

    Chennai, IN, G1: Sub 4.5 hrs FM G2: Sub 7hrs 200km ride :-) G3: Sub 2.5hrs 3km swim

  • Collin


    Mumbai, IN,

  • Veera


    India, IN, To be able to run a HM in 1:59:59 someday !!

  • Praveen Giriya

    Praveen Giriya

    Chennai, IN, Injury Free Running for lifetime ! Time Goals Sub 22 5k, Sub 45 10k, Sub 1:40 HM ,Sub 4 FM .

  • Kazuki Y.

    Kazuki Y.

    Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, JP, To complete the 112km ultramarathon(done!), to run sub-3-hour marathon, to make friends with you throughout the world, to get better at English :)

  • Gopal H.

    Gopal H.

    , 25 min 5KM, 55 Min 10KM, 2 hrs HM, 4 Hr 45 min FM in 2014

  • Vern M.

    Vern M.

    Beaumont, TX, Nurture body & soul through total fitness, healthy nutrition, and mindful living. Run for the joy of running. Daily yoga practice. Marathon #6. Ultra #2.

  • Scott J.

    Scott J.

    Cape Coral, FL, 1. Have fun 2. Ride every day 3. Core workout every day 4. 200k Brevet 5. 12,000 miles 6. Florida Senior Games (5k/10k TT & 20k/40k Road Race)

  • Yogesh R.

    Yogesh R.

    Bangalore, IN, Happy and that order. Everything else is gravy!

  • Venkat R.

    Venkat R.

    Bangalore, IN,

  • Varun M.

    Varun M.

    Norwalk, CT, 2011: 188 km, 2012: 249 km, 2013: 378 km. Run 500km in 2014.

  • Chris G.

    Chris G.

    Asheville, NC, Barkley Fall Classic, Big Backyard Ultra

  • Michelle


    New York, NY, Be the best I can be. Make my mama proud.

  • Viv M.

    Viv M.

    Mumbai, IN, Have a healthier lifestyle. Maintain my weight. Run a HM in sub 1:45 hrs, Do a Half Iron someday

  • James W.

    James W.

    Norwalk, CT, Have fun running Boston and finish Western States in under 24hrs.