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New 5k PR -- 28:54 on September 25, 2011 (Cane Haul 5k) Finished my first HM (Hapalua Half Marathon) Vibrams! -- March 2012 Working on being a speed demon

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  • John A.

    John A.

    Nea Makri, GR, Anopea atrapos 16k trail run, this week at Thermopyles.

  • Melanie A.

    Melanie A.

    Tampa, FL, Start running again. Keep running injury-free. Run regularly. Run a half marathon again. Do strength training. Loose weight.

  • Gavin


    US, A marathon on every continent (3 of 7 so far). Pittsburgh, PA (North America), Sydney (Oceania), Dublin (Europe)

  • Donna D.

    Donna D.

    Chicago, IL, Run with less knee pain as possible.

  • Daryl G.

    Daryl G.

    College Station, TX, To inspire others to diet & exercise. Also Challenge myself to do the same. Ran 119th Boston Marathon. Setting sites for 123rd Boston Marathon.

  • Jeremy F.

    Jeremy F.

    Lumberton, TX, To lose weight, stay healthy and to PR. Mar: 4:21:50 (3/10/12) 1/2 Mar: 1:50:34 30k: 3:10:22 25k: 2:35:11 10k: 46:52 5k: 23:42 2mi: 15:20 1mi: 6:49

  • April W.

    April W.

    Honolulu, HI, Hoping to do a Half this year!

  • Marc C.

    Marc C.

    Sarasota, FL, To enjoy running the Sarasota Music Half Marathon in February, 2017. To run, walk, bike 24,901 miles (Earth's circumference) by 2020.

  • Timbrel M.

    Timbrel M.

    Killeen, TX, to always realize. <3

  • Rachel W

    Rachel W

    Houston, TX,

  • Jenn


    Cottonwood, AZ, To maintain consistency in my workouts. and of course.... Half-marathon! ;-P

  • Mary Ann K.

    Mary Ann K.

    Schaumburg, IL, To beat my PRs: 5K-26:20, 10K-56:20, 15K-1:35:23, HM-2:17, Marathon-5:26:17

  • Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA, To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  • Haley


    TX, to stay in shape and lose weight

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Haute M.

    Haute M.

    UT, Complete a full marathon. I don't know why.

  • Jasmine Reese I.

    Jasmine Reese I.

    Columbia, MO, I cycled across the country. Now all that's left is to lose my remaining troublesome weight. I also hope to cycle South Korea and Spain 2014!

  • Heather M.
  • Ria H.

    Ria H.

    Carol Stream, IL, I'd like to get "less round" and be able to run again..

  • John F.

    John F.

    Wethersfield, CT, to be healther and increase my distance and to become faster

  • Heidi D.

    Heidi D.

    Bend, OR, To have fun, improve my fitness level, recovery from an injury and come back strong.

  • Shelby T.

    Shelby T.

    Wilmington, NC, Short Term- Pick a race. Any race. Long term- Incorporate running into a healthy lifestyle!

  • Janyne K.

    Janyne K.

    Apex, NC,

  • Sarah L.

    Sarah L.

    Tolland, CT,

  • Keesler W.

    Keesler W.

    Cambridge, MA, April 29th 2012 Big Sur International Marathon