3145 total / 0 in 2014

Run more trials climb more hills! My goal is to run 2012 miles this year & earn an ultra title.

Wall of Motivation (203)

  1. Rishi G.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2.   Post a workout!

    I miss you.

  3. Rishi G.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  4. Terry M.
      Nice Job

    We burned that crap off. Good run honey! on a workout

  5. Jennifer
      Nice Job

    Awesome on a workout

  6. Rishi G.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  7. Terry M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing job honey, it was wonderful to finally run a trail event with you! on a workout

  8. Kim D.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  9. Terry M.
      Nice Job

    We did good this morning, nice steady pace throughout the whole 10 miles. I t... read more

  10. Terry M.
      Get Better

    Rest the leg and foot so you can heal for this weekend, your so strong, but e... read more

  11. S T U
      Nice Job

    if you preplan this again, drop me a PM. i'll try and join. on a workout

  12.   You're an Inspiration

    Jenny it was great! This was a cupcake walk for you! on a workout

  13. Terry M.
      Get Better

    Great run this morning honey! It was a good challenge that pushed our bodies ... read more

  14.   Hi-five

    FAB-0 High Five! Happy Running Day to you, also! on a workout

  15. Terry M.
      Great Performance

    Your the best honey, it was great running together through tose tough hills. ... read more

  16. Jessica Wabbitz M.
      Nice Job

    Woo hoo the Bunny Marathon welcomed you with a big bang and it took the bunny... read more

  17. Pete

    Jenny! You are getting super fast! Congrats on your PR! on a workout

  18. Heather
      You're Funny

    Ha! Congrats!! on a workout

  19.   Congrats

    Killer! on a workout

  20. Daniel T.

    great job! on a workout

  21.   You're an Inspiration

    I've got nothing else. on a workout

  22. Maya L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome! Congrats Jenny! on a workout

  23. Freddy L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing! on a workout

  24. Steven S.

    Forgot your riddon! :) on a workout

  25. Terry M.

    incredible job honey! on a workout

  26.   Feel Better

    Already!?!?!?!?!?! on a workout

  27. Jennifer D.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic run in this crazy weather. on a workout

  28.   Nice Job

    On a Sunday no less. on a workout

  29. Kirk T.
      Nice Job

    Wow, great run Jenny! on a workout

  30. Terry M.
      Get Better

    Even on a tough run, that's an awesome distance honey! on a workout

  31. Martin O.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep up the good work! You rock!

  32. Terry M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing job on those stairs honey! You must have done 20 flights and you powe... read more

  33. Pete

    Congrats, Jenny! That's an impressive time, Mrs. Fast-stuff! on a workout

  34. Terry M.
      Great Performance

    Power through it honey! You'll be doing 8 minute miles in no time! on a workout

  35. Terry M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Your gonna be a hula hoop queen with killer abs! Now we gotta get dailymile t... read more

  36. Susane M J.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run Jennifer:) Trails can be difficult but you got it:) on a workout

  37. Robb B.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are freak'n incredible!! WOOT! on a workout

  38. Pete
      You're Funny

    Oh Crap! on a workout

  39. Rebecca K.
      You're Funny

    ROFL!!! on a workout

  40. Terry M.
      You're Funny

    Signs of a true hardcore-wussy trail runner! on a workout

  41. Jessica Wabbitz M.
      Nice Job

    Way to go Hardcore Wussy! you are my idol on a workout

  42. Pete

    You are unstoppable, Jenny! Great race! on a workout

  43.   Great Performance

    Kick ass, both of you! on a workout

  44. Terry M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome race honey, you're my inspiration! on a workout

  45.   Great Performance

    You are an amazing runner! The City of Angels loves you running through it! <... read more

  46. Alex M.
      Great Performance

    great job, it turned out to be a beautiful day. on a workout

  47. Pete
      You're an Inspiration

    Are you guys running the Chesebro Half the week after LAM? Impressive! on a workout

  48. Kirk T.
      Good Luck

    Go Jenny! on a workout

  49. Terry M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Thanks for the beautiful run! on a workout

  50.   Feel Better

    A week ago today you'll be soooooo happy!!!!! on a workout