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I want to finish a 5k in under 45 minutes; I want to finish a 10k in under 90 minutes; I want to finish my a half marathon in less than 03:15.

Sarah Plumitallo does anyone have any ...

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Does anyone have any advice on how to ease the pain from a healing blister? I developed a rather large (two and half inches in diameter) blister during my 10 mile run on Saturday, that actually had two smaller blisters underneath it. When I tried to pop it (sorry this is so gross!), it tore. So... what now? I really want to complete my training runs this week, but even walking (slowly) is really painful.

  • Sarah

    I - and this is just me - would pop it, cut away the dead skin and leave it exposed as much as possible to dry out. No bandaids. No shoes when you can. Then look into some second skin or stuff like that. Good luck.

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  • Piet B.
    Piet B.

    I know blisters! Lancing them is what I do. Get some isopropyl alcohol, rinse your needle as thoroughly as possible. Clean the area to be poked. Make the smallest incision in the side of the blister as possible, drain out all the fluid, don't cut away the skin because that hurts even more. In a few weeks, the skin overflap will start getting weaker, and you can trim that off. I never do Sarah's strategy because cutting off the outer layer leaving the pink underside exposed is ouchey!

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  • Michele S.
    Michele S.

    Ouch! Ice it, clean it, put a bandage on to protect it and let it heal. If you are going to drain them, you should use a needle and keep the skin intact so it can protect your foot. I like to ice my feet at the first sign of a blister and I never pop or drain them. Ice might make it feel better now too. Hope they heal quickly!!

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  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P.

    I ended up having to do Sarah's strategy because the tear kept getting worse and it wasn't drying out that way. Now it is super ouchy, but healing. I bought some moleskine to put around it when I run to relieve pressure, and I also bought bodyglide to lubricate my feet. I also think it might be time to get my gait analysis and wear patterns looked at again.

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