17938 total / 3328 in 2014

Run most of the same races I ran last year, but with faster times. Complete a Century Ride(Done 5-20-12). Complete a Half Iron Triathlon in 2021 or sooner.

Wall of Motivation (95)

  1. Joe H.
      Great Performance

    awesome 10K! on a workout

  2. Joe H.
      Great Performance

    way to go! on a workout

  3. Joe H.

    happy belated birthday on a workout

  4. Joe H.

    AWESOME Job! on a workout

  5. Brenda B.

    Excellent 5k! on a workout

  6. Brenda B.

    Well done!!! on a workout

  7.   Great Performance

    Wow, what a fantastic ride, Philip!! Well done! Can't wait to get my new bike... read more

  8. Lauren H.
      Great Performance

    Nice job!! on a workout

  9. Joe H.
      Great Performance

    and you did it in sub 9's NICE! on a workout

  10. Kelsie
      You're an Inspiration

    Sweet run! on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Wow, great distance and pace! on a workout

  12.   Great Performance

    Wow, that is FAST!! Great job! on a workout

  13.   Nice Job

    Ooohhh that sounds hard... Well done! on a workout

  14.   Great Performance

    Wow, that is FAST for 10 miles!! Great run, Phillip!! on a workout

  15. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    Way to go on the sprint tri!! on a workout

  16. Will W.
      Nice Job

    You're a beast Phil, pure beast. on a workout

  17. Joe H.
      Great Performance

    wow great run! on a workout

  18. Susan B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice run! on a workout

  19. Will W.
      Great Performance

    Great race today Phil on a workout

  20. Stephanie T.
      Great Performance

    Congrats and that's a super fast ride!! ;) on a workout

  21. Stephanie T.
      Nice Job

    great ride!!! and wow, I am really ;) on a workout

  22. Danielle N.
      Nice Job

    Nice swim! on a workout

  23. Sparks P.
      Nice Job

    wtg, buddy. on a workout

  24. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    Great 8 miles! on a workout

  25. Brenda B.

    Great run on the TM! on a workout

  26. Sparks P.
      I'll Beat You :)

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! Next swim challenge...what do you... read more

  27. Denise S.
      You're Funny

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  28. Barkshire W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Happy Thanksgiving! on a workout

  29. Jay Y.

    Congrats Philip! You did awesome! I was there rooting for y'all at the end an... read more

  30. Bryce H.
      Nice Job

    No just the advantages of getting outside and enjoying the wonderful things y... read more

  31. Stephanie T.
      Nice Job

    that is great!! I too am getting my 7 yr old super excited about running!! He... read more

  32. Jeremy G.

    Oustanding job with the age-group win and overall placement. Gotta love seein... read more

  33. Stephanie T.
      Great Performance

    wow, love the pace!! good job!! on a workout

  34. Sparks P.
      Great Performance

    You probably have "swimmer" in your list of "never thought I'd be"...but this... read more

  35. Sparks P.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! You're in the lead this week for ... read more

  36. Will W.
      Nice Job

    Nice job! That was a rough course, great pace! on a workout

  37. Tess
      Nice Job

    Awesome run! :) on a workout

  38. Susan B.
      Great Performance

    I'm sorry man, but that is just sick!!!! LOL Great run! on a workout

  39. Joe H.
      Great Performance

    awesome!! on a workout

  40. Susan B.
      Great Performance

    Oh, we'll be looking!!!!! on a workout

  41. Barkshire W.
      Nice Job

    I just realized today some popular hiphop song says, "There is no Led in our ... read more

  42. Barkshire W.
      Nice Job

    reminds me I need to do this. on a workout

  43. Sparks P.
      Great Performance

    that is speedy, Phil. Speedy indeedy. on a workout

  44. Sparks P.
      Nice Job

    atta boy, Phil! you Rock. That's getting much easier for you, no? on a workout

  45. Will W.
      Nice Job

    Nice Job Philip! on a workout

  46. Susan B.
      Great Performance

    Your pace is just sick!!!!!! on a workout

  47. Fitamazon
      Nice Job

    Awesome workout! on a workout

  48. Sparks P.
      Nice Job

    atta boy. on a workout

  49. Jeremy G.
      Great Performance

    Great race! And it makes it so much better that you and your son both placed ... read more

  50. David H.

    Great job! If you're interested in another race, there's a 10k in downtown Ly... read more