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Penrhyn David Y fat boy challenge wee...

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Fat Boy Challenge Week 4

Life is ups and downs - this week was a DOWN week :)))

Starting weight 13st 7lb
Week 1 weight 13st 6lb
Week 2 weight 13st 5lb
Week 3 weight 13st 6lb ;(

I had to check today's weight 3 times.
I have cut 1 meal of carbs per day (pasta/rice/bread) and replaced it with as much salad as I can eat. I've also moved my carb intake to the post-workout period.
Loads of water and you could say, :), I'm starting to take it a bit more seriously =))

Week 4 weight 13st 2lb =)

Current result is a weekly loss of 4lb and a total loss of 5lb!

Onwards and downwards :)

NOW - The fact that FB1 may be, technically, ahead at the moment is ONLY encouraging me too keep off the twix :) (Nice one Rich!)
Like a race I always like to creep up onto my competition's shoulder just before a finishing surge :))))))
Just watch. I'll be back to 14st by next week :)))

  • Jill F.
    Jill F.

    Great job David! Slow and steady wins this race. Some of the things I've noticed that seem to be important with diet - eating steadily throughout the day. We eat 3 meals and 3 snacks so it's never more than 3 hours between eating. And eating a big breakfast. By filling up early and then stoking the fire throughout the day with the snacks, by the time we get to dinner we aren't as hungry. Keep up the good work!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Sandra C S.
    Sandra C S.

    Great job, David! Keep up the good work. You'll hit 13st soon and stay there, I'm sure--with your dedication, you've got it made!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Whitelightening

    Love the good work and good post too!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Scott J.
    Scott J.

    Great job David!! Sounds like the motivation has really kicked in! Good stuff.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Ruth H.
    Ruth H.

    Like mine David!You're sticking with it - well done! Im beginning to think we need to eat enough!I find I cut down a bit after losing a pound,thinking I'll lose 2,only to put it back on!!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Christina I.
    Christina I.

    Way to go David!!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Honestjim

    Great job.. It's all about the big picture. That late surge you were talking about could literally be a surge if you eat some out of date goods with about a week to go. Lol. Is it cheating!?

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Michelle H.
    Michelle H.

    Brilliant week Dave, well done. I knew last week was just a blip xx

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Penrhyn David Y
    Penrhyn David Y

    Jim - It worked for Lady D =)

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Rich

    Nicely done. Don't forget I have a legendary kick for the finish... Also a lower start so higher % loss? Great focus mate and good job I am on A game or you would be kicking me...

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • T J.
    T J.

    I'm grinning ear to ear for ya with pride. Keep up that fabulous job!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • David T.
    David T.

    I need to get on this fatboy challenge. might start my own next week.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Rich

    Join the challenge... certainly helping FB1 and 2 even if its a select group :-)

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Kevan E.
    Kevan E.

    nice work mate

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Flat Lori
    Flat Lori


    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Steve T.
    Steve T.

    Good progress.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person