Friends (64)

  • Erin C.

    Erin C.

    Hebron, IN,

  • Christy B.

    Christy B.

    Phoenix, AZ, I want a BQ = 3:36ish (3:40). Need to take off 20 minutes and I will!! #ICAN

  • Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Tucson, AZ, Kick ass

  • Maggie G.

    Maggie G.

    Madison, WI, Only using DailyMile to keep running log. Also crosstrain 3x/week at Orange Shoe for injury prevention. This year's goals: first Half 6/24. First trail race 6/4

  • Terra A.

    Terra A.

    Vancouver, BC, To be goal-less. As a solo-mom of three (including baby twins), to still include fitness in my busy life.

  • Jess H.

    Jess H.

    Shawnigan Lake, BC, Run, eat, sleep. Repeat.

  • Bob


    Lenexa, KS,

  • Scouts H.

    Scouts H.

    Sammamish, WA, weight loss

  • Sam F.

    Sam F.

    West Chester, PA, Using my running to fight autism is my hobby. It started w 61 marathons in 2010 and will never end.

  • Tim T.

    Tim T.

    Columbus, MS,

  • Sarah A.

    Sarah A.

    Green Bay, WI,

  • Amy T.

    Amy T.

    Huntsville, AL, Fitness

  • Thatsamantha


    Burlington, ON, Live a healthy active lifestyle whereby I work out at least 3 times a week. Cardio kickboxing is my current love.

  • Julie D.

    Julie D.

    US, I don't sweat, I sparkle. Just trying to keep up with my super fast friends!

  • Michael R.

    Michael R.

    Pasadena, CA, Move again. Lose the extra 20+ lbs post baby.

  • Sarah F.

    Sarah F.

    West Hartford, CT,

  • Lisa


    , Stay sane and healthy, and to top 600 miles in 2014.

  • Chibi J.

    Chibi J.

    Edmonton, AB, To make activity both a priority and a part of my everyday life.

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Los Angeles, CA, Be fit and healthy. Encourage my kids to do the same. How? Run, bike, swim, lift, press, pull, sweat, repeat.

  • Maria


    , Health, stress relief.

  • Jenny I.

    Jenny I.

    Seattle, WA, 400 miles in my 40th year. Oct 2012 to Oct 2013. Totally do-able. More than that - I WIN THE WORLD.

  • Shanon H.

    Shanon H.

    Roseville, CA, New year, new goals. BQ is done. Now, run 2:55 marathon, sub 1:23 half-marathon, sub 18:00 5K

  • Jen K.

    Jen K.

    CA, I'm planning on running our local 5K in October. Now if only I can finish my C25K program again...

  • Corey F.

    Corey F.

    Chandler, AZ, Graduate from beginner (novice) - to serious enjoyment, Running friends, Overall fitness, Happiness & Fun :)

  • Dean B.