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  • 3 miles
  • 00:32 time
  • 483 calories
  • 1 workouts
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  1. RUN
    great Toasty 3.28 mi 00:32 09:37 pace

    What a perfect mid morning for a run!!! High, hot sun, with a gentle breeze - SAAA-WEEEET!!!

  2. RUN
    great Perfect weather 3.1 mi 00:30 09:31 pace

    What an awesome day to be outside (which I was a lot). Wish my legs hadn't been tired from y-day's 5+. Slogging it, but felt great at the same time.

  3. RUN
    good 5+ 5.31 mi 00:51 09:31 pace

    Ran to Stanbridge St. Park and back. Fun time, got warmer than I had expected.

  4. RUN
    good Windy 3.29 mi 00:32 09:41 pace

    Very windy with a bit of a chill. Did a bit of a trail. Lungs are doing a bit better, but now the back is tweaked. Never a dull moment.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      It's always something, huh? I'd give anything for a perfect run, with no nerve pain, no issues with weather, no foot issues, no stomach issues. Just one perfect run...

      4 days ago Like1 person

  5. RUN
    good Still testing 3.17 mi 00:31 09:50 pace

    Legs were dead, lungs still iffy. Determined to keep going.

  6. RUN
    good Breathing bit better 2.94 mi 00:28 09:34 pace

    Felt good to get out there and not completely huffing and puffing and coughing. Hope I haven't lost too much from the past down week or two. Next 5k on May 31, then again on June 6.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Ah, you'll be fine! Glad you are feeling better.

      8 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    blah Wheezing back 2.01 mi 00:22 10:46 pace

    First run in about a week - a major upper respiratory infection kicked my ass, and I'm still clearly not in the running shape I was even a week ago. Nonetheless, I went out for a short stroll ... read more

  8. RUN
    great Still sweating fiver 5.01 mi 00:48 09:34 pace

    Two firsts of the year - a five miler, and a run in what I'd consider warmer weather. It is going to take me a few more runs in the heat to get used to it, but I'm glad it's here! To... read more

  9. RUN
    good 1x1 intervals times ten 3.26 mi 00:30 09:12 pace

    10 minute warmup followed by 1 by 1s - about 7:30 average for fast, and 10:30 avg for recover. Then got home and cut grass. Maybe intervals and yardwork should be done on separate days - I am tired!

  10. RUN
    great Feeling good Lewis. 3.49 mi 00:33 09:32 pace

    Nice evening run through the hood. Felt like I was running faster than the Garmin was telling me.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Maybe you were! Garmin isn't always accurate.

      22 days ago Like

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      Ditto! But you were out there for a solid 33 minutes, so that's what counts.

      22 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    great Spring Zing 5k 3.05 mi 00:26 08:21 pace

    Awesome family fun annual event at Shady Grove Elementary. My first race since....August? Since my running has been rather sporadic of late, especially over the winter, I truly had no clue about my... read more

  12. RUN
    great 4 and 3 and 2 and 1. 2.45 mi 00:23 09:19 pace

    Just a short interval run to get the legs moving a bit faster. Might do a 5k on Saturday; should be painfully slow since I haven't done much running until very recently.

  13. RUN
    good Heavy. 2.43 mi 00:23 09:36 pace

    Whole body tired after several days of yard/house work. Hope to get some more miles in tomorrow, in addition to more yard stuff.

  14. RUN
    alright Short of breath 3.63 mi 00:36 09:50 pace

    Had a hard time catching my breath throughout this run. Hope I'm not getting sick.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Ah, it's probably just the pollen/spring crap in the air messing up your lungs.

      about 1 month ago Like

  15. RUN
    alright Old man shuffle 2.16 mi 00:22 10:20 pace

    Sore and stiff, but back at it with a shorty and more yardwork the rest of the day.

  16. RUN
    good Here it is, BAM! 4.6 mi 00:44 09:38 pace

    Did a run to Stanbridge St Park with my man Chuck D, followed by 5 hours of yardwork. Rewarding myself with several Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat.

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      mmmmm. That is a great run, and yardwork is no joke. It's that time again. I "meant" to have a beer after my 20-miler yesterday, but I forgot! D'oh!!!!

      about 1 month ago Like

  17. RUN
    good 3.48 mi 00:33 09:34 pace

    About to hit the road for a couple of days for work, so I hit some pre-lunch miles on this beautiful day.

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      Sweet! It's sweltering out there! Have a safe trip!

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Chris O.
      Chris O.

      Sweltering? LOL! I was about to post that it was a bit too chilly! I'm such a cool weather whimp.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Lori

      Sounds like a good way to prepare for your travels.

      about 1 month ago Like

  18. RUN
    good Draggin' the line. 3.01 mi 00:28 09:23 pace

    Gorgeous day to go running with Tommy James and his boys.

  19. RUN
    alright Please come back, Mr. Sun. 3 mi 00:30 09:59 pace

    The sun has only been hiding for one day, and I miss it. Come on sunshine and 90 degrees! Tough slow run. Still very stiff and tired from an arduous weekend.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Sun will be here soon enough. Nice 3 miler, by the way!

      about 1 month ago Like

  20. RUN
    good More sun, please. 4.02 mi 00:39 09:47 pace

    A little cooler than I expected, but great rays from that giant yellow orb in the sky. Going to be sore after running and two days of yardwork. May need Monday off.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Yardwork is great and definitely a workout!

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Vira K.
      Vira K.

      Mondays are a great day for a rest day. Yardwork is no joke :)

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Lori

      Yardwork sure uses different muscles than running. Sounds like you're off to a great start with your yard.

      about 1 month ago Like