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Run without pain for one day. Stress fractures are no joke.

Wall of Motivation (62)

  1. Alex M.
      Great Performance

    nice milage. for breakfast !!! on a workout

  2. Alex M.
      Get Better

    NOOOOOO, pinched anything is no bueno, good luck healing. on a workout

  3. Kate M.
      Nice Job

    Way to get it done! on a workout

  4. Alex M.
      Great Performance

    nice on a workout

  5.   Great Performance

    BOOM! Nice pace! on a workout

  6. Alex M.
      Great Performance

    that is fast...confirmed :) on a workout

  7. Kelly
      Great Performance

    Super fast! nice run! on a workout

  8. Kelly
      Great Performance

    awesome pace! on a workout

  9. Ultrarunnergirl
      You're Funny

    some of the best runs happen that way! on a workout

  10. Mike B.
      Great Performance

    Great Job! on a workout

  11. Alun
      Nice Job

    That's a very solid long run, looks like you are ready! Goal? on a workout

  12. Mike B.
      Great Performance

    The adrenaline will push you the last 6.2. on a workout

  13. Alun
      Nice Job

    wow, good distance to start the! Nice! on a workout

  14. Kalina C.
      You're an Inspiration

    That is seriously amazing. I can barely do 3 on a treadmill without going crazy. on a workout

  15.   You're an Inspiration

    That's pretty inspiring, actually. on a workout

  16. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    nice work. I dont know how you can go outside to treadmill..thats a mental ga... read more

  17.   Hi-five

    KIllin' it, J-Man! on a workout

  18. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    solid run, great pace. I have been doing the same...i have to stop the watch ... read more

  19. April W.
      Nice Job

    awesome job! on a workout

  20.   Cheers

    Nice work and thanks for the friend request Jamie! on a workout

  21. Amy C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! You're a running machine! on a workout

  22. Burnzy
      Nice Job

    Nice on a workout

  23. Rick
      Nice Job

    It's also the best run of the year (2013)! :) on a workout

  24. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    solid pace on a workout

  25. Sandy S.
      Get Better

    Ouch! It happens to all of us! on a workout

  26. Ultrarunnergirl
      Feel Better

    I never had any luck with my Garmin on Tempo Runs either. Sorry about the dog... read more

  27. Lee A.
      Nice Job

    For a guy who never ran as a kid, I am impressed. You are doing great. on a workout

  28. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    BOOOOO dreadmill, YEAHHH!!! running., that is all on a workout

  29. Brenda B.
      Get Better

    Hope it ends for you and you can get to the start line with confidence! on a workout

  30. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    solid pace. on a workout

  31. Alex M.
      Nice Job

    good job on being prudent, it will pay off later on a workout

  32. Brenda B.
      Get Better

    Good miles, great that you listened to your body and stopped. on a workout

  33. Chris
      Great Performance

    Congrats! that's awesome! on a workout

  34. Alex M.
      Great Performance

    way to pick up the pace on a workout

  35. Alun
      Nice Job

    And at a solid pace for the distance. on a workout

  36. Brenda B.

    Well great job you did pushing yourself! on a workout

  37. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    That's a great run Jamie! on a workout

  38. Mike B.
      Nice Job

    Great job. I just ran the full today. on a workout

  39. Burnzy
      Nice Job

    Nice going! on a workout

  40. Victor
      Nice Job

    It was a fun 1/2 marathon id say on a workout

  41. Mike B.
      Nice Job

    I love the ones that remind me why I run. on a workout

  42. Louise S.
      Nice Job

    Nice! That definitely qualifies as a success! on a workout

  43.   Hi-five

    Outstanding, Jamie. on a workout

  44. Burnzy
      Nice Job

    Excellent! on a workout

  45. Burnzy
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice on a workout

  46. Chris
      Nice Job

    nice run! on a workout

  47. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  48. Sha-Run
      Good Luck

    Keep your head up. Better luck next run. on a workout

  49. Denise S.
      Nice Job

    400 wow on a workout

  50. Alun
      Get Better

    hope it's nothing serious. on a workout