Wall of Motivation (208)

  1.   You're Badass

    Nice work Stephen! Great Friday miles! on a workout

  2.   Hi-five

    I can tell you had a Peanut butter sandwich on this run you rock on a workout

  3.   Cheers

    Very nice run Stephen! on a workout

  4.   Hi-five

    Yes sirreee! Thanks for the updates back home! on a workout

  5.   Nice Job

    Great job Stephen! on a workout

  6.   Hi-five

    Wooo Nelly! Nice work man! That's awesome! on a workout

  7.   You're Badass

    Bravo man! That's damn impressive pace buddy boy! on a workout

  8. Danielle H.
      Great Performance

    awesome job, Mr. Speedy. on a workout

  9.   Nice Job

    You should totally turn this write up into a painting. I'd buy it for a few t... read more

  10.   Nice Job

    Great run Stephen! on a workout

  11.   Hi-five

    He likes it ! YEAHHHHH He really really likes it!!! How about just: Happy on a workout

  12.   Feel Better

    Meh. on a workout

  13.   You're an Inspiration

    I don't do enough of these miles. This summer for sure. Great job! on a workout

  14.   Great Performance

    Some sweet 400s Stephen, awesome job man. on a workout

  15.   Congrats

    Steve = Badass! on a workout

  16. Honey Boo Boo
      Great Performance

    Whoot! Whoot! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! on a workout

  17.   Hi-five

    Awesome run today Stephen! Great job on the PR. on a workout

  18.   Great Performance

    Good race-pace management and shiny PR! on a workout

  19. Honey R.
      Feel Better

    Dude, cheer up. on a workout

  20. Gozling
      You're an Inspiration

    LOVE IT!!!! great mile!! on a workout

  21. Danielle H.
      Nice Job

    Way to get it done! Damn winter!! on a workout

  22. Gozling
      Nice Job

    grumbles... lol.. :) on a workout

  23. Danielle H.
      Great Performance

    I recognize that workout, way to tough it out in the wind and rain. on a workout

  24. Gozling

    Woah....You totally nailed it!!!! Rock star!!!!! on a workout

  25. Gozling
      Nice Job

    Nice you managed some miles in the sun!!! Was blustery today!!! on a workout

  26. Gozling
      Nice Job

    I'm such a rookie.... this whole thing confused me:) lol!!! I think the finis... read more

  27. Gozling
      Nice Job

    drifted down... amazing!!! :) on a workout

  28. Gozling
      Nice Job

    Oops!!! on a workout

  29. Pauline M.
      Great Performance

    Nice job on getting that PR...Nice recovery run today! on a workout

  30. Danielle H.
      Great Performance

    Wooot! Awesome job! on a workout

  31. Gozling

    So happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS on a workout

  32. Sarah
      Great Performance

    Congrats! on a workout

  33. Gozling
      Nice Job

    You had your mcwhimpy pants on this morning...... :) glad you found some big ... read more

  34. Gozling
      Great Performance

    I'm really proud of you! True greatness!!!! on a workout

  35. Chio
      Nice Job

    now you've got the rest of the day to... do some laundry? ;) on a workout

  36. Gozling
      You're an Inspiration

    Ughapalooza!!! Way to get it done!!! Enjoy the rest of the day!!!! on a workout

  37. Gozling
      Nice Job

    Still fast for a hill!!!! on a workout

  38.   Great Performance

    Don't let it get to you Stephen, you're doing great. Only a few more weeks to... read more

  39.   Great Performance

    Sweet mileage man, great job. on a workout

  40. Honey Boo Boo
      Nice Job

    That's a great creepy 20! on a workout

  41. Gozling
      Great Performance

    Hmmm wonder who ate the bird!!! :) amazing miles at a great pace!!!!!! on a workout

  42. Gozling
      Nice Job

    What a great time with company :) on a workout

  43. Gozling
      Good Luck

    no nervous :) EXCITEMENT!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! :) on a workout

  44. Max K.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  45. Jessica M
      You're an Inspiration

    Rock. Star. on a workout

  46. Gozling
      Great Performance

    fantastic long run!!! WOW!!! on a workout

  47. Gozling
      Nice Job

    wow!! fast and steady fast!!! on a workout

  48. Danielle H.
      Great Performance

    Woohoo! you ran one too. Great race. Awesome time! on a workout

  49. Gozling

    Wow!!!! What an amazing finish time!!!!! on a workout

  50. Gozling
      Nice Job

    silly drama:) fantastic long run! on a workout