3793 total / 726 in 2014

Run 1200 miles in 2014, and new PRs in all distances

Wall of Motivation (79)

  1. Andrea S.
      Great Performance

    Holy mud puddles! Loved the photo - looks like tought conditions, but woo-ho... read more

  2. Michelle
      Nice Job

    Nice job! on a workout

  3. Michelle
      Great Performance

    sweet! on a workout

  4. Edina
      Nice Job

    Definitely smart to take it easy under those conditions - great job! on a workout

  5. Edina
      Feel Better

    Totally hear you on the gratitude - nice one, Li! on a workout

  6. Edina
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome job, Li! on a workout

  7. Chris
      Nice Job

    Way to go! on a workout

  8. Chris
      Great Performance

    Great race Li! on a workout

  9. Edina
      Great Performance

    Amazing this HM was only the FIRST leg! Great job and have fun tomorrow! on a workout

  10. Chris
      Great Performance

    Way to go Li! I can't imagine doing that in those temps. on a workout

  11. Edina
      Great Performance

    Ugh I can't believe it's still so warm there (or is it that warm year-round?)... read more

  12. Jackie F.

    Oh my goodness! You are so strong to withstand that kind of weather for a mar... read more

  13.   Congrats

    Woo Hoo!! Good job hanging in there for this one!! 82 degrees is brutal!! Esp... read more

  14. Chris
      Nice Job

    wow Li that is commitment. Way to go! on a workout

  15. Diane M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Erk, I don't envy you that one! They say that hills are speed work in disguis... read more

  16. Chris
      Nice Job

    Nice! I don't know how you run through that humidity! on a workout

  17. Thu N.
      Nice Job

    How cold was it? on a workout

  18. Chris H.
      Nice Job

    Very nice!! on a workout

  19. Chris
      Great Performance

    Well done! Can't wait to see the report :) on a workout

  20. Diane M.
      Great Performance

    Great job!! Yay for a PR :) on a workout

  21. Marisa
      Nice Job

    Yay congratulations! on a workout

  22. Jackie F.

    That's so nice of your hubby to do that and give you the choice. You did so m... read more

  23. Stine
      Great Performance

    That is awesome, Li! Congrats! on a workout

  24. Stine
      Good Luck

    Nice! Have a great time tomorrow! on a workout

  25. Sandra D C.
      Good Luck

    adorable 2 miles, Great luck on your race! Looking forward to hearing all ab... read more

  26. Joy
      Nice Job

    Way to go! Its fun to think back and realize how far you've come sometimes- c... read more

  27. Andrea S.
      You're an Inspiration

    YOU, my dear, area FREAKING AWESOME!!! You are so ready for your race, and I... read more

  28. Sandra D C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sunrise rocks! Thanks for the good advise about complaining, I will heed it ... read more

  29. Edina
      You're an Inspiration

    Kudos for getting this in while on vacation - have a great time and Happy Ann... read more

  30. Andrea S.
      Nice Job

    WOO-HOO!!! Congrats on the distance PR! on a workout

  31. Stine
      Great Performance

    Awesome distance PR! Way to make it work in the heat! on a workout

  32. Nash
      Nice Job

    Great job getting back. I am glad you took the day off it has been very wet o... read more

  33. Sandra D C.
      You're an Inspiration

    I cannot even imagine running 7 miles! Glad you ran and happy you were given... read more

  34. Sandra D C.
      You're Funny

    I just love those big words. great run! on a workout

  35. Danielle S.
      Nice Job

    Wow, you're amazing! I can't imagine long runs in this weather! on a workout

  36. Edina
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome job, Li!! on a workout

  37. Edina
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice! I hope to feel that way again soon! on a workout

  38. Stine
      Nice Job

    Awesome progress! on a workout

  39. Carolyn
      Nice Job

    Look at you go! Sweet job there Li!!! Very cool that it was with your hubby,... read more

  40. Stine
      Great Performance

    Holy cow! 19 minutes! You were flying! on a workout

  41.   Great Performance

    Woo Hoo!! Great job, Li!! I'm glad you had a good time, and Congrats! not onl... read more

  42. Danielle S.

    Great job meeting your goals the whole way! on a workout

  43. Bettan70

    Go Li! on a workout

  44. Chris
      Nice Job

    Nice one! on a workout

  45. Stine
      Great Performance

    Congrats on the PR! on a workout

  46. Danielle S.
      Nice Job

    Go y'all for getting a new PR, especially with hubby getting over a cold! And... read more

  47. Suzanne
      Get Better

    Oh my gosh. You need to sit in a hot bath and decompress after that! I am sur... read more

  48. Chris
      Great Performance

    Congrats Li, great job! on a workout

  49. Jackie F.
      Great Performance

    Great first 10K - congrats!!! on a workout

  50. Stine

    Congrats on your first 10k! on a workout