3195 total / 0 in 2018

Loving the 50s and continuing to run for the health of it and the fun of it rocking my "granny" pace all the way.

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  • James S.

    James S.

    Port St. Lucie, FL, 2018 Goal: 5K ready by March. Stay in shape.

  • Jennifer E.

    Jennifer E.

    , 2013--run 1000 miles

  • Tracie


    Blackwood, NJ, better health and fitness

  • Tammy S.

    Tammy S.

    Houston, TX, Run a mile in 11 mins

  • Rosalinda


    Melbourne Vic, AU, Make it through the Great Ocean Road marathon enjoying the scenery and smashing the hills.

  • Christina R.

    Christina R.

    North Easton, MA, Stay healthy! PR's 5K: 27:29 (in '17) 5 mile: 45:12 (in '16) 10K: 1:00:29 (in '17) 1/2 marathon: 2:30:08 (in '14)

  • Layla


    US, A happy IT band, a happy spirit and a working thumb. And, someday, a dream of another marathon PR.

  • Marc S.

    Marc S.

    Epping, NH, Just running for fun. Blog: Twitter: @MynameisMarc

  • Ann B.

    Ann B.

    Severna Park, MD, Who knew you could be so happy about getting older? My BQ Time is now 3:55. This is the year I qualify for Boston.

  • Sel M.

    Sel M.

    Istanbul, TR, Run the Eurasia 15K Race under 60' This is the run which is from Asia to Europe unique on earth.

  • Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Sacramento, CA, All time running goal: go from marathoner to BQ'er sub 3:00:00 26.2 sub 1:25:00 13.1 2013 Goals: 1) Run 5 marathons, 2) PR in the marathon, 3) run 365 days

  • Christina H.

    Christina H.

    Bountiful, UT, Enjoy life and spread the addiction of being active!

  • Beth S.

    Beth S.

    New York, NY, consistency in training - cross and otherwise

  • Terra A.

    Terra A.

    Vancouver, BC, To be goal-less. As a solo-mom of three (including baby twins), to still include fitness in my busy life.

  • Stephanie


    West Africa, Run a trail marathon

  • Rosanna L.

    Rosanna L.

    Silverdale, WA, To keep CHALLENGING MYSELF physically; KICKING ASS on this Fitness Journey!!

  • Liz J.

    Liz J.

    MA, Weight maintenance and improved strength and stability. Maybe run again?

  • Cathy Z.

    Cathy Z.

    St Paul, MN, To run, swim, bike and generally just stay fit.

  • Rnrgirl


    CA, Half marathon lover training for first full. Veggie lover. Myeloma hater.

  • Mcm Mama

    Mcm Mama

    Arlington, VA, To run a race in all 50 states while visiting as many brewpubs as possible.

  • Scouts H.

    Scouts H.

    Sammamish, WA, weight loss

  • Mark


    San Antonio, TX, Run Gump Run

  • Van K.

    Van K.

    Medford Lakes, NJ, I am running the 2013 Steamtown Marathon in honor of my wife, Abbe and all of those affected by seizure disorders on behalf of the Epilepsy Therapy Foundation.

  • Amy T.

    Amy T.

    Huntsville, AL, Fitness

  • Jolene C.

    Jolene C.

    Burlington, NC, To get a BQ when the time is right. Most importantly to breathe in each day and embrace each mile I am given.