Friends (88)

  • Carlos C.

    Carlos C.

    Victoria, BC, To keep running into my nineties.

  • Zahida M.

    Zahida M.

    North Vancouver, BC, - Run injury free all year!!!

  • Kristie C.

    Kristie C.

    Las Vegas, NV, I have goals, they are personal. I compete against myself.

  • Diane C.

    Diane C.

    Indiana, PA, another 5K

  • Keith S.

    Keith S.

    Cork, IE, Primary goal is to run for good health, secondary goal is to run well and improve my times (5k to marathon distances) with the support of my DM friends.

  • Keith B.

    Keith B.

    Japan, Full sub 4:30:00, 1/2 sub 1:45:00, 10k Sub 45:00

  • Rob D.

    Rob D.

    Brighton, GB, Run faster... The faster I run, the better I feel!

  • Tamra M.

    Tamra M.

    MS, Mardi Gras Half in February

  • Jeremy F.

    Jeremy F.

    Lumberton, TX, To lose weight, stay healthy and to PR. Mar: 4:21:50 (3/10/12) 1/2 Mar: 1:50:34 30k: 3:10:22 25k: 2:35:11 10k: 46:52 5k: 23:42 2mi: 15:20 1mi: 6:49

  • John P.

    John P.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Colin H.

    Colin H.

    GB, To eat and run rather than diet and exercise.

  • Wade B.

    Wade B.

    Houston, TX, DM friends have been awesome in helping stay motivated and healthy. Complete another 1/2 before end of year and over 500 miles ran.

  • Marjorie M.

    Marjorie M.

    , to maximize my potential as a marathoner

  • Ini E.

    Ini E.

    London, GB, "When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." - Jay Foonberg

  • Barri B.

    Barri B.

    Los Angeles, CA, Trying to improve my speed and endurance, transition to trail running all while remaining injury free!

  • Yasuhiro H.

    Yasuhiro H.

    Okazaki, JP,

  • Will


    Tokyo, Japan,

  • Tim M.

    Tim M.

    Colorado Springs, CO, Get faster and have lots of fun doing it with my teammies from BONKPROOF.

  • David H.

    David H.

    Richmond, VA, Running just to run for a little while ...

  • Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Elk Grove, CA, to live a healthy and ACTIVE life... to the full!

  • Naomi N.

    Naomi N.

    Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, UK, In 2016, I've entered the Viking Way ultra, GUCR, the Centurion Grand Slam and will be running my 100th marathon.

  • Krista E.

    Krista E.

    Vancouver, BC, 17 Half Marathons in 2013!

  • Clinton L.

    Clinton L.

    Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, JP, To be healthy, not get hurt, and not make my family feel neglected.

  • Dimitri P.

    Dimitri P.

    Brisbane, AU, I finished my first marathon! (Kobe, Nov. 2013). Now focusing on shorter distances to improve my speed.

  • Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Los Angeles, CA,