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  • 15 miles
  • 03:08 time
  • 1534 calories
  • 5 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great Sturbridge 3.33 3.33 mi 00:29 08:33 pace

    Sturbridge 3.33: I'm hot as hell and I guess I'll just have to take it. Everyday the muggy bully meets me outside and everyday he beats the crap out of me. Do I learn to avoid him? N... read more

  2. FIT
    blah Maxwell Core 01:00

    Maxwell Core: Older, weaker, smellier. Grouchier.

    This heat has got to go.

    Happy Be Grumpy Day.

  3. RUN
    great Sturbridge 5.25 5.25 mi

    Sturbridge 5.25: Slow rolling it this morning. When I went to bed they said the low was going to be in the upper 60s, but they lied again. It was 78° when I got out the door, super humid with no... read more

  4. RUN
    great Sturbridge 10K 6 mi 00:54 09:00 pace

    Sturbridge 10K: Quit the 10K route early. It is too muggy to be outside. It is too muggy to be running. I did both. The foggy air didn't help. It was awful, but it feels so good after i... read more

  5. FIT
    great Monday Core 00:45

    Monday Core: Hi. It's me. Here's another annoying workout post. Help! Make it stop.

    Don't forget the sunglasses today, It's Sunglasses Day. It's also Helen Keller Day.

  6. RUN
    great Labor Day 8K Route 5.11 mi

    Labor Day 8K Route: Hot, humid. hilly, uneventful, slow. Didn't even find a single penny today. I'm going back to bed. ...after second breakfast.

    Happy Church Day. Mine is done. Am... read more

  7. RUN
    great Weekly Walking 18 mi

    Weekly Walking

  8. RUN
    great Pleasant Little 6.66 7 mi

    Pleasant Little 6.66 + a little more: Hot and muggy 75° start, even before the sun was up. Ran the first 3.5 miles, but the second hill got the best of me and had to do 5/1 minute run/walk interv... read more

  9. FIT
    great Maxwell Core 01:05

    Maxwell Core: Back to the Thursday routine. Seemed easier, I credit the weather ad the uncrowded fitness center. Added a few reps to each set.

    Happy Core Day.

  10. RUN
    great Sturbridge 4.5 4.4 mi 00:40 09:05 pace

    Sturbridge 4.4: Y'all will never believe what I did this morning. I got up early and went for a run at sunrise. It was awesome. Lots of runners out on the streets this morning. Weather w... read more

  11. RUN
    great Sturbridge 5.5 5.51 mi 00:50 09:04 pace

    Sturbridge 5.5: Got up early to take advantage of the "cooler" first full day of summer, but after two hours, my normal routine just wasn't "moving" along like it normally... read more

  12. FIT
    great Monday Core 00:45

    Monday Core: Back to the usual routine for a couple of weeks. Wishing I was running.

    Summer starts at 5:34 PM today. I'm only happy about this because it means the days will start gettin... read more

  13. walk
    great Weekly Walking 20 mi 05:00 15:00 pace

    Weekly walking miles for the last two weeks. Been away some so haven't got in as much as I'd like.

  14. RUN
    great Labor Day 8K Route 5 mi

    Labor Day 8K Route: Slow and easy hungover miles. Who knew tacos would have that effect on me. I was wishing I'd felt better, because the weather was almost tolerable. Cloudy, "cooler... read more

  15. RUN
    great Pleasant Little 6.66 6.66 mi 01:02 09:22 pace

    Pleasant Little 6.66: Marsha and Amanda told me they had a "pleasant little 6.5" route for me this morning, but when I mapped it out on the DM app, it came out to 6.66, so that's wh... read more

    • Dave S.
      Dave S.

      Great run. The miles are never the same as anticipated.

      13 days ago Like

  16. FIT
    great Maxwell Core 01:00

    Maxwell Core: Doing Thursday's workout on Friday to confuse y'all.

    Happ Grocery Shopping Day.

  17. RUN
    great Sturbridge 5.5 5.5 mi 00:50 09:05 pace

    Sturbridge 5.5: Brutal miles in the hot fog. Run and sauna all at the same time. Literally.

    I know it's supposed to be a core day, but I needed a run today, moved core to tomorrow.

    Happy... read more

  18. RUN
    great Seven Mile Road 4.25 4.35 mi 00:40 09:04 pace

    Seven Mile Road 4.25: Super Hot, hilly, horribly humid, full sun run in the country with mean dogs and swarms of insects. One rabbit darted out in front me, but this tortoise was not going to cha... read more

  19. RUN
    great BFN's Rad To Run 5K 3.23 mi 00:28 08:34 pace

    Rad To Run 5K at Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant. Super hot, sunny and humid course around the cooling towers, which didn't provide any cooling relieve from from the brutal weather. The la... read more

  20. RUN
    great Sturbridge 5.5 5.51 mi 00:50 09:05 pace

    Sturbridge 5.5: The run started with a very color filled sunrise. It was cooler. It was less muggy. It was STILL too hot and humid for me, but the dawn colors were worth getting out for. The st... read more