405 total / 0 in 2014

I've been suffering from Achilles tendonitis for two years now. I'm easing myself into running once again. My goal is to stay active/fit for health reasons.

Wall of Motivation (21)

  1. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    I hope the reason that I haven't seen you post of late is because your plans ... read more

  2. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    Any news?

  3. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    Any news on your career change Michael?

  4. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    How did the big test go?

  5. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  6. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    This is your monthly welfare check. How are things?

  7. Tracy S.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  8. Tracy S.
      Nice Photos

    I am glad you used your tri photo. You are a star :)

  9. Gavin

    Great progress Mate, well done! on a workout

  10. Tracy S.
      Nice Job

    Fresh legs = brilliant run. Nice. on a workout

  11. Tracy S.

    Damn fine set of PR's Michael. on a workout

  12. Zeus P.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a good father! on a workout

  13. Tracy S.
      You're Funny

    So glad you didn't kill your dog :P on a workout

  14. Maggie M
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  15. Lauren S.
      Nice Job

    There usually isnt a run you will ever regret.. (well unless you get injured)! on a workout

  16. Holly T.

    that IS a good time. good job Michael. on a workout

  17. Holly T.
      Great Performance

    congratulations!!! on a workout

  18. Renata B.
      Great Performance

    congrats :) on a workout

  19. Reverend Run V.

    Way to go! You did it! Great job. on a workout

  20. Cassi D.
      Great Performance

    You did awesome, Michael! And if that's your time AFTER waiting in line (or ... read more

  21. Reverend Run V.
      Good Luck

    You'll do well in your marathon! on a workout