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April logged 2376 miles.

Last workout 4 months ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    injured Hot 8 Miler 8.11 mi 01:25 10:26 pace

    That stunk...getting lost threw my groove off and if I am reading the indications correctly I have blisters! I promised Texxy a walk so I will get that done with a periodic breeze otherw... read more

  2. RUN
    alright Barr Trail Descent 2.47 mi 00:32 13:02 pace

    W00T! Downward trail run, just what the doctor ordered! Perfect weather too, couldn't have asked for better.

  3. FIT
    alright Pike's Peak Incline 0.86 mi 00:54 62:25 pace

    Garmin auto pause could not handle how slow we were going so this is all rough guess. Boy is this lungs and legs are angry! Be sure to go into details and check out the elevation map.

  4. FIT
    good Solo Chest Day 00:58

    No one was at the gym this morning so I did stuff by myself! :(

    3 sets of Machine Chest Press Max reps 8 @ 85 lbs.
    3 sets of Incline Bench Max reps 8 @ 70 lbs.
    3 sets of Machine Fly Max reps 8 @ 7... read more

  5. RUN
    good Hot Texxy Run 4.26 mi 00:53 12:21 pace

    Too hot for my poor pup. Should have gotten up earlier to go this distance, lost my directions along the way too...{grumble} but T did really well considering we we approached by a loose dog. Which... read more

  6. FIT
    good Big Back Day 01:36

    3 sets of Machine Assisted Pull-Up Max reps 6, w/ 80lbs of assist
    3 sets of Close-Grip Lat Pulldown Max reps 8, max weight 85 lbs.
    3 sets of Bent-Over Row Max reps 8, max weight 45 lbs.
    3 sets of O... read more

  7. FIT
    Chest Day 01:14

    3 sets of Bench Press Max reps 8, max weight 85 lbs.
    3 sets of Incline Bench Max reps 8, max weight 65 lbs.
    3 sets of Dumbbell Bench Press Max reps 8, max weight 30 lbs.
    3 sets of V-Bar Tricep Push... read more

  8. RUN
    good Gym Sprints 0.19 mi 00:05:08 27:01 pace

    Tired post workout sprints in the gym since we didn't want to get carried away by the mosquitos...

  9. RUN
    good Wednesday 5K 3.05 mi 00:29 09:37 pace

    Chilly morning, about 55 degrees and misty. Finally found my rhythm in the last mile. Calves are tight.

    • Mark B.
      Mark B.

      stick...and nice start to the morning.. still a bit rusty..

      5 months ago Like

  10. RUN
    good Post Workout, W00T! 1.04 mi 00:08:20 08:00 pace

    Foggy...Like, really foggy and misty with the temp in the low 60's. We stayed on the track and made like gerbils...but Tim set the pace and like my daddy (Mark B.)....I made him keep or beat ... read more

  11. RUN
    good Shy of 5K 2.94 mi 00:29 10:01 pace

    Today was a lifting rest day so we ran a bit and got just shy of a 5K.

  12. FIT
    good Back & Bi Day 00:53

    3 sets of Dead Lift Max reps 8 @ 85 lbs.
    3 sets of One-Arm Dumbbell Row Max reps 8 @ 45 lbs.
    3 sets of Close-Grip Lat Pulldown Max reps 8 @ 85 lbs.
    1 set of Roman Chair Leg Raise Max reps 15.
    1 set... read more

  13. RUN
    good Post Workout Cardio 1.46 mi 00:14:10 09:42 pace

    Clouds came in while in the gym but we ran even though it was cool and trying to sprinkle on us.

  14. RUN
    good Post Workout Jog 1.08 mi 00:12:39 11:42 pace

    Legs are going to be toast tomorrow but we did an easy jog outside (beautiful day!) Mid 60's would be my guess. Slight breeze. Gio has a cold and needs to reacclimate and Tim's knee is wo... read more

  15. FIT
    good Big Day @ the Gym 01:36 lost my full workout... really frustrating...{Update: I FOUND it!}

    Military Press - 8 reps x 15 lbs, 8 reps x 20 lbs, 7 reps x 20 lbs
    Dumbbell Lunge - 10 reps x 20 lbs, 10 re... read more

  16. RUN
    good After Dinner Dog Walk 1.26 mi 00:21 16:51 pace

    Working on heeling and listening...they are doing better, especially one on one.

  17. RUN
    good Post Workout Run 1 mi 00:09:08 09:07 pace

    A little slower today and definitely more tired. I think we may have pushed Tim's knee to its limit...I suggested changing shoes since I can see his feet rolling in the pair he lifts in...we w... read more

    • Mark B.
      Mark B.

      Calves. Hope the other half is starting to think s Dakota. Lifting shoes should not be used for running. Injuries will occur.

      6 months ago Like

    • April P.

      I wear Merrill's just fine... Didn't recogniE his which means probably traditional so should not perform double duty due to cushion wear pattern.

      6 months ago Like

  18. FIT
    good Back & Tri's Day 00:55

    More tired my last exercise my arms were toast.

    3 sets of Close-Grip Lat Pulldown Max reps 8 @ 85 lbs.
    3 sets of Dead Lift Max reps 6 @ 80 lbs.
    5 sets of One-Arm Dumbbell Row Max reps 8... read more

  19. RUN
    good Post Workout Run 1 mi 00:08:52 08:52 pace

    One of the gym rats wanted to get in a quick mile, so I joined him...definitely need more work on acclimating.

  20. FIT
    Chest Day 00:49

    Went to the gym with some new gym rat coworkers (one went back at lunch to do arms !!!). Got a great workout in and then went for a quick mile around the track...will have to see if any of the boys... read more