Friends (55)

  • Ray J.

    Ray J.

    Centreville, VA, 5K in < 22:36 | 8K < 38:53 | 4M < 31:38 | 10K in < 47:42 | 20K < 1:46:58 | 10M < 1:21:43 | 13.1 in < 1:52:58 | 26.2 in < 4:06:49 | 50K in < 7:42:20

  • Alex Lane I.

    Alex Lane I.

    Winchester, VA, Focus on health of overall body, and aim for a sub 1:30 half marathon !!!

  • Katie


    Anchorage, AK, To inspire my daughters and son. To be fit and healthy.

  • Matthew L.

    Matthew L.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Leslie K.

    Leslie K.

    Winchester, VA, To live a balanced and healthy life, to grow as a person by pushing my spiritual and physical limits and to enjoy the view along the way!

  • Jason W.

    Jason W.

    Middletown, VA, 50k

  • Ed G.

    Ed G.

    Stephens City, VA, 365 running miles, 700 road bicycle miles, 8 swimming miles & 50 kayak miles

  • Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    Winchester, VA, Train for 5K PR in 2015. Cherry Blossom 10-Miler PR in April.

  • Krista F.

    Krista F.

    Winchester, VA, I want to celebrate running and athletic movement and play as long as my body allows!

  • Vern H.

    Vern H.

    Winchester, VA, Sub 2:05:00 1/2, Run 5K sub 26:00. Sub 7 min mile at LSM. 70+ miles every month. 1300 miles in 2013

  • Jamey W.

    Jamey W.

    Winchester, VA, Finish my first 50K in April, get my fitness back little by little.

  • Cari H.

    Cari H.

    NH, Enjoy running& stay healthy!!! Run with my kids and friends. do another 10k and half (or 2) oh - and my "friends" talked me into a Tough Mudder in 2015!

  • Wendy M.

    Wendy M.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Sherrie M.
  • Rick F.

    Rick F.

    Winchester, VA,

  • G Matt S

    G Matt S

    Winchester, VA,

  • Bryan I.

    Bryan I.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Susu J.

    Susu J.

    Leesburg, VA,

  • Lindy



  • Robert H.

    Robert H.

    Front Royal, VA, - Run a mile in under 6:00 - Run a 5K in under 23:00 - Run a 10K in under 48 minutes - Run a 5K & 10K faster than my wife's PRs - Invent perpetual motion

  • Amy F.

    Amy F.

    VA, To live each day with a grateful heart striving to be as healthy as reasonably possible!

  • Marisa V.
  • John M.

    John M.

    Ashburn, VA, Improvement

  • April A.

    April A.

    Winchester, VA, Overall goal is to just be happy, healthy and balanced.

  • Kristen C.

    Kristen C.

    Blacksburg, VA, 2013: Lynchburg Ultra Series, sub 3:30 marathon, 2013 miles in 2013. Focus on general wellness, continue to run a lot, stay injury free & have fun :-D