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1) Run or bike at least 3x/week. 2) Increase run distance to be able to run at least 2 10k races this year. 3) Remain injury-free so that I can keep running!

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Michelle logged 962 miles.

Last workout about 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. VELO
    alright bike trainer 00:30

    Legs were sore from my Friday run (read "out-of-shape"). I think of this activity as trying not to lose my fitness altogether! Hoping to get to the chiropractor again on Wednesday.

  2. RUN
    injured around town 4 mi

    My first run in about a month. My lower back has been feeling better (that's why I took a break), so I was hopeful, but by about 1.5 miles in, I could feel the same pain, so I jogged and walke... read more

    • Michelle

      Tuesdays are a complete train wreck for us -- jobs, park and rec. and piano lessons! I don't see that changing for a while. Feel free to discuss me as a case study.... I guess I have to try the chiro again, but I (my back) didn't adjust well the last time I was there. That's why I took a break on running. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll keep trying!

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    • Tim D.
      Tim D. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Keep at it Michelle. CRC meeting this Tuesday. Think you can make it?

      about 6 years ago

  3. RUN
    injured treadmill 2.5 mi 00:30 12:00 pace

    Dragged myself to the treadmill, internally kicking, screaming, and making excuses all the way there. Stared down the beige wall 2 ft in front of my face, thought about the ongoing pains (not sever... read more

    • Megan F.
      Megan F.

      Way to fight through & push yourself both mentally & physically. I truly believe 90% of running is mental (and i need to work on that!) Nice run!!!!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Kate

      Wow! Way to go, Michelle! Mind over matter!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Erin

      Congratulations on winning the mental fight!!!!!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

  4. FIT
    good pre-breakfast living room wor... 00:25

    A little of everything this morning.

  5. RUN
    alright pre-breakfast run 00:30

    Still some twinges of pain in my R lower back (sciatic). When they occur, I just walk for a minute and then start again. Should I stop running until the pain leaves?

    Delighted to say this is my 3... read more

  6. FIT
    good pre-breakfast workout 00:30

    Cycles of decreasing reps of jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, crunches and some free weights working my arms/shoulders.

  7. FIT
    good pre-breakfast workout at home 00:30

    Worked a variety of areas including: abs, quads, biceps, triceps, deltoids, back, and some stretching.

    • Megan F.
      Megan F.

      Way to stick with it!!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

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    • Renee B.
      Renee B.

      How is that hip feeling?

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    • Michelle

      Oh, thanks for asking. I have not recorded any of my runs since Saturday! The hip must have had several issues because, although it does feel better in places, the sciatic is still giving me pain -- small electrical pains right at the sciatic area in my lower back. I'm not sure if running (though I'm not exerting myself at all) is helping or making it worse.... By the way, I don't think this is from running. The pain started right after I had had a trip over some uneven cement--it was quite jarring.

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  8. RUN
  9. FIT
    good pre-breakfast workout 00:30

    15 min. of decreasing reps of jumping jacks, crunches, squats, and push-ups;
    15 min. bike ride -- tried to push it.

  10. RUN
    alright pre-breakfast run 00:30

    Hard to get started this morning. I could even see my breath! A few 1 min. walks thrown into the first 1/2; felt looser the 2nd half. Nothing intense -- just moving. Stretching at home afterwards.

  11. RUN
    alright around town 01:00

    Mixed in some walking in the first 1/2. The second 1/2 felt much better. The R hip/bum/lower back is still stiff/sore, but seems to be easing a little.

  12. FIT
    good morning workout 00:20

    ab workout +
    1x12 lunges each side
    glute stretches
    hamstring stretches

  13. RUN
    good pre-breakfast run, again! 00:35

    Walked 5 min.
    Ran 10, walked 2, ran the rest of the way.

    Still feel some pain in my very low-back, but the hip is feeling better. I'm stretching that area often and well.

  14. FIT
    good pre-breakfast workout 00:30

    5 min. walking
    5 min. run
    hamstring and glute stretches
    3x12 knee push-ups
    1 min. plank
    1x 30 sec. each side plank
    25 squats
    50 sit-ups
    30 each side crunches
    30 straight leg crunches

    • Kate

      I may need to steal this workout. :-)
      Good work!

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Michelle

      The ab portion is recommended (daily) by my chiropractor. I just threw in the other stuff to keep me moving for 30 min. I'm aiming for 30 min. of something on M-TH, with a run M & W, and other fitness T & TH. I believe the key to getting up early is...going to bed early! I'm so trying. Thanks for the encouragement!

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  15. RUN
    alright around town 00:30

    I am not worrying about pace, whether I walk or jog, or how far I'm going. I'm simply trying desperately to establish a routine of going out each morning before my day gets started. This ... read more

    • Kate

      Mornings are tough, I agree. Is there someone near you, that you can meet with? Or I have even found it helpful to txt someone else I know who is up (maybe they are up early for work) to help hold you accountable for getting out there. Good luck!

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  16. RUN
    alright around town 00:38

    Walk 6 min.
    Run 7, walk 1

    Still babying my right hip. Felt a bit better.

  17. RUN
    good out and back north end 2.75 mi 00:32 11:38 pace

    Walked first 10 min.
    5 min run, 2 min walk for the remainder
    Still have pain in my R glute and hip-flexor, especially on steps up or inclines, but it felt better overall.
    Saw a hummingbird.

  18. FIT
    good ab workout 00:05:00

    1 min plank
    30 sec. each, side plank
    50 sit ups
    30 each, side crunches
    30 straight leg crunches