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  1. RUN
    blah zero zapper 5 mi

    More run/walking. I decreased the miles and the interval lengths from Sunday.
    5 miles around the track alternating 800m in ~3:00 followed by a 200m in 2:00. Changing directions halfway through the... read more

    • Krista F.
      Krista F.

      Those types of injuries can be so sneaky. For example...plantar fasciitis- hurts like heck when you get up in the morning, then once you start exercising it feels much better. But, when you cool down the injury is worse. I've never had an Achilles injury (knock on wood) but, I wonder if it's similar.

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  2. RUN
    alright even more run/walking 6.25 mi

    Liz joined me today as we ran laps around Whittier. 4:30 run with a 2:10 walk. Repeat. A little more pain than yesterday, which is frustrating.

    • Krista F.
      Krista F.

      Hang in there, Matt. It will get better. But, I know it sucks right now. Walking has gotten me out of many an injury pickle. I know it's not close to the same as running, but it has saved me on more than one occasion.

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  3. RUN
    good more run/walk 5.5 mi 00:40 07:16 pace

    More run/walking around the track. This time I upped the run portion to 1200m and kept the walking to 200m. All of the 1200m sections were at normal run effort and all were under 6:00 pace. Finishe... read more

  4. RUN
    good more run/walk 5 mi

    More running with walking breaks to try and get this achilles healed.
    4 x 800m around Whittier with a 2:00 200m walk break between each one. 800s were in the low 2:50s. Best feeling run so far.

  5. RUN
    alright birthday run/walk 5 mi

    It's my birthday and I HAD to run. 800m repeats around the track with a 2:00 200m recovery. 800s turned to 1ks for two of them after the 3rd mile. A little bit of pain near the end and plenty ... read more

  6. RUN
    alright zero zapper 7 mi 00:59 08:21 pace

    Run/walk around town. I might have overdone it a bit.

  7. RUN
    injured ouch 5 mi 00:35 06:56 pace

    I took a whole week off to rest my achilles. No pain near the end of the week so I gave it a few more days. All was good until I started to run. Hurt in the first mile and got worse as I went. So f... read more

  8. RUN
    injured Winter Series Race #8 9 mi

    2.3 mile warm up with Bryan
    2.4 mile race
    4.3 mile cool down

  9. RUN
    injured Zero zapper 7 mi 00:49 07:00 pace

    I took yesterday off as I'm still dealing with a nagging achilles. Not much better today but at least I got in some miles. This isn't fun.

    • Vern H.
      Vern H.

      My achilles messed me up for almost a month...I feel your pain. Once I started foam rolling it, the pain went away quickly. Foam rolled it every night and stretched it 3 times a day on stairs.

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    • Krista F.
      Krista F.

      I've had deep needle trigger point therapy on various injuries (torn hammies, plantar facaitis, hallux rigidis, bunion). Depending on the injury, it's been a great drug free option for me. If you want any info on it, let me know. I do have a favorite physical therapist who's is one of a very few who do it.

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    • Chaz H.
      Chaz H.

      Dude. Shut it down. You should know better.

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  10. RUN
    alright Winter Series race #7 3.2 mi 00:17 05:23 pace

    I took yesterday off due to a nagging achilles so I didn't expect much today. The goal was to get through the race without being in a lot of pain and (since I knew the course was long and toug... read more

    • Mike L.
      Mike L.

      Tyler is really getting fast. Millbrook is going to be tough in the fall.

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    • Vern H.
      Vern H.

      Nice job!

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    • Krista F.
      Krista F.

      Great Matt! I think several of us surprised ourselves with our paces on that course. I ran the Festival of Leaves and think I muttered something horrible about the course afterwards. Knowing we were running it backwards yesterday made me set low expectations. However, it seemed many runners were simply on fire at the WS race and I know that energy helped fuel me- sounds like you drew on the crowd too! Great!

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  11. RUN
    good warm up and cool down 11.3 mi

    3.2 mile warm up and 8.1 mile cool down with Bryan I. and Kevin.

  12. RUN
    good afternoon 6.2 mi 00:43 06:51 pace

    Ran around town with Bennett. Legs are starting to feel the slight increase in mileage.

  13. RUN
    good snowy morning. again 5 mi 00:37 07:26 pace

    Another snowy morning with slick roads and an easy run with Chuck.

  14. RUN
    fartlek 8 mi 00:51 06:24 pace

    2.3 mile warm up, straight into a fartlek of 4:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 with a 1:1 normal paced recovery then into a 2.3 mile cool down.

  15. RUN
    good super cold 6.1 mi 00:47 07:44 pace

    Met Chuck for an early morning run with the windchill at -9. It was still tough to find places to run where it wasn't covered in ice.

  16. RUN
    good at practice 6.5 mi 00:44 06:47 pace

    Around campus and the neighborhood adjacent to campus.

  17. RUN
    great afternoon 5 mi 00:34 06:50 pace

    About 10 degrees colder and much windier than the morning run. Another run with Chuck.

  18. RUN
    great zero zapper 9.1 mi 01:08 07:28 pace

    Ran downtown to meet Chuck for an easy 5 miler along the ice covered sidewalks of town before running back home.

  19. RUN
    alright speed workout 3 x 2 mile 12 mi

    2.2 mile warm up
    3 x 2 mile with a 2:30 standing recovery (11:04, 11:01, 11:04)
    3.8 mile cool down

    Attempted the same workout I bailed on 2 weeks ago (due to the snow). 46 degrees and sunny, after... read more

  20. RUN
    alright in the snow 8 mi 00:57 07:10 pace

    Out and bak on Rt. 11 in Woodstock since it was the only road halfway plowed. No wonder the first half felt easy, the second half was uphill and into a snowy headwind. Not to mention the lack of tr... read more