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Ending 2011 with a freak injury was a bummer. Here's to a stronger 2012. And I will be capping 2012 with Beach to Battleship Half Ironman in October! Bring it!

Wall of Motivation (20)

  1. Heidi H.
      Nice Job

    at least you didn't see the wicked witch ;) on a workout

  2. Corey D.
      Nice Job

    Nice run despite the frustration with the TM on a workout

  3. Ultrarunnergirl
      Nice Job

    Nice workout! I fear the pool and it's cold beginning. on a workout

  4. Myron K.
      You're an Inspiration

    nice!! on a workout

  5. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Nice workout. Hope the ankle recovers. on a workout

  6. Megan W.
      Nice Job

    great run! on a workout

  7. Myron K.
      Great Performance

    awesome run, very fast! on a workout

  8. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  9. Larry
      Nice Job

    Hi! Good job on the 5+ mile run. We've got the same heat and humidity in Je... read more

  10.   Post a workout!

    I am dying to hear how the race was for you. I had so much fun.

  11. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Great job!! on a workout

  12.   Nice Job

    I am not much of a party girl but you should still come party with me. It ha... read more

  13. Lisa C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to go!!! It feels great when you surprise yourself, doesn't it?? on a workout

  14. Rgt
      Nice Job

    Way to go!! on a workout

  15. Lisa C.
      Great Performance

    Great run! You are right - it makes a huge difference having people to run wi... read more

  16. Kris K.
      Nice Job

    Good job Michelle. on a workout

  17. Jennifer Z.
      Great Performance

    You stuck it out and pushed through that bitchy calf for some good mileage Mi... read more

  18. Irene
      Nice Job

    HI Michelle! Just getting caught up on blogs and saw that you're posting eve... read more

  19. Jennifer H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Yay! on a workout

  20. Penny
      Nice Job

    woo hoo.... on a workout