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Wall of Motivation (449)

  1.   Nice Job

    You still got in 3 miles today Matt! on a workout

  2.   Nice Job

    Glad this session felt great! on a workout

  3.   You Rock

    11!?!? You rock, Matt! on a workout

  4.   Hi-five

    keep the streak!! on a workout

  5. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice streak you've got started, Matt! Keep it up! on a workout

  6. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice hood miles, Matt. Easy and feeling great! Way to go!! on a workout

  7.   Nice Job

    good work, Matt! on a workout

  8.   Nice Job

    Love that Metallica accompanied you on your Vitamin D walk. on a workout

  9. Don
      Nice Job

    Wow! Yes, that's a lot of stairs. Great workout! on a workout

  10. Emily
      Great Performance

    nice 5K!!! on a workout

  11. Dian T.
      Nice Job

    Awesome on a workout

  12.   You Rock

    way to go, Matt! on a workout

  13.   Nice Job

    I think any distance on the treadmill is awesome! on a workout

  14. Sue R.
      Nice Job

    Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!! Rockstar is BACK!! on a workout

  15.   Nice Job

    Love to see how much you're enjoying the yoga sessions Matt! on a workout

  16.   Nice Job

    Did you say "aaaaahhhhh" at the end? :-) on a workout

  17. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Great run, Matt! Awesome job knocking off five minutes!! on a workout

  18.   Great Performance

    Congrats on yet another PR! Well done! on a workout

  19.   You're an Inspiration

    Wow, you did a lot of stuff 15 hrs. ago!! on a workout

  20. Christopher M.
      Nice Job

    Sa-Weet!!!!! on a workout

  21.   Nice Job

    great running, Matt! on a workout

  22. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Great run, Matt! on a workout

  23. Mark D.
      Great Performance

    KAAPPPOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!! on a workout

  24. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, Matt. Lots of work and you got it all done!! on a workout

  25.   Great Performance

    that weather sounds soooo nice! on a workout

  26.   Nice Job

    Lots of great work for you today Matt! on a workout

  27. Sherrie R.
      Nice Job

    Woo hoo, way to go! on a workout

  28. Dian T.
      Nice Job

    nice long walk too! :) on a workout

  29.   You Rock

    You really went for it with all the these workouts today! :-) on a workout

  30.   Cheers

    Great temps for a great Friday night run! Way to go Matt. on a workout

  31. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Outstanding job, Matt! An outstanding session, Matt! on a workout

  32. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, Matt! Some solid miles today. Good job pushing through on the 5K! on a workout

  33. Sara
      Nice Job

    AWESOME job Matt!!!!! No stopping or walking, you RULE! on a workout

  34. Sherrie R.
      You Rock

    Nice! on a workout

  35. Terri B.
      Nice Job

    I love hills. All my girlfriends make fun of me. They actually call me Hill... read more

  36. Sherrie R.
      Nice Job

    Nice work! on a workout

  37. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice job, Matt. Seems appropriate riding a stationary bike while watching car... read more

  38.   You Rock

    I see a trend here, and watching the end of movies :) on a workout

  39. Maria P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job! Hoping to build on your inspiration to do mine - it's been long ov... read more

  40.   Nice Job

    Ugh. 2 weeks? Sounds tough Matt. Way to get back at it today! on a workout

  41. Dian T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Like U2 blaring through my headphones, you inspire me.

  42. Sama
      Nice Job

    Nice cycle. on a workout

  43.   Nice Job

    that is a great idea, Matt. on a workout

  44. Dian T.
      Nice Job

    but you got it done! :) on a workout

  45. Trea O.
      Nice Job

    Way to go Matt on a workout

  46. Emily

    WAHOO!!!!!! on a workout

  47. Maria P.
      Great Performance

    Congrats on your PR!! on a workout

  48. Trea O.
      Great Performance

    Nice race Matt Congrats Well Done on a workout

  49. Griffin

    PR! Sorry I didn't see you! on a workout

  50. Emily R.

    Awesome 5k race, Matt! Congrats on your new 5k PR! on a workout