Dan Medeiros ran: Warrior Dash: A great...

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good Warrior Dash New England 3.02 mi

Warrior Dash: A great new challenge. Got thoroughly out of my comfort zone with this one.

Nik & I ran together -- or walked together, since most of it was barely run-able, at least by me. Almost the entire 3-mile stretch was mud. Mud, mud, and more mud, most of it at least ankle-deep and the rest of it knee-deep. A couple of parts were waist-deep, especially after I fell into unseen holes. A guy behind me noted that I'd managed to find every hole on the course so far. I was up to my testicles in mud at the time. I said, "There's one right here." Some quick-footed people were running through it, and Nik in her Brooks Cascadias said if you ran light and bounced it actually wasn't so bad -- but I didn't have the energy. So I trudged, for 3.02 miles except for one brief dry spot right at the water station.

The mud made my footing very slippery, so I ended up slipping everywhere, including a long downhill stretch at the beginning where I essentially careened from one tree to another on the steep, muddy, slick slope. I fell about 3 or 4 times overall, with every other step a slip. I wish I hadn't used a pair of old Addictions with worn-out treads.

The obstacles: I did some of them but skipped some. I went thru some web of bungee cords tied in the woods; climbed over some walls and under barbed wire; tried a balance beam but my shoes & the beam were so muddy that I bailed; tried a rope climb but I've never been able to climb a rope in my life, never mind with slick hands and feet; climbed most of a cargo net wall like a champ, but it was perched on a hill and the heights gave me the willies so I climbed back down; jumped over the fire (the easiest obstacle by far); skidded down a long mud slope; and finally crawled over a long cargo net Spider-Man style. So a few things thwarted me, and I'm disappointed about that (particularly the cargo wall, which I was doing well at before my stupid morbid imagination took over).

Random notes: Some lady found a worm in the mud & said she was going to carry it with her as a "mascot" -- until she screamed and said, "It peed on me." Later, some guy got stuck in waist-deep mud with me, & as we were trying to pull ourselves out he yelled behind him, "I swear, I'm trying to move." Later, Nik ate a "turkey leg" that we're 99% sure was actually pork.

I ended up going pretty damn slow, but I didn't have any time goal. I ended up spraining a couple of fingers on the long downhill mudslide, so my left hand is kinda swollen. And I have a few scrapes here & there. But overall it was a wild experience.

  • Matthew S.
    Matthew S.

    did u atleast get a cool Viking helmet for it?

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Runfasterdaddy

    I'm glad you had fun. I was in the 2pm wave yesterday and the course was already tore up, so I can only imagine how it looked today. I fell three time and took a tree branch to the face when the guy in front of me pulled branch and then let it go. My legs are all scratched and bruised today, but totally worth it. Glad you had good weather Dan.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Dan M.
    Dan M.

    Matt: I thought the "helmet" would be cooler, but instead it was a soft, fuzzy thing

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Abueloruns

    What a great adventure.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Mimi

    Great job! Can totally relate to the height stuff. I never really knew how slippery mud was until I did the Warrior Dash. Hope your hand is feeling better.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Dan M.
    Dan M.

    Thanks, everybody! Oh, I forgot, I did another obstacle involving swinging tires, which weren't swinging at the time so we basically just walked through.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Chris
    Chris Hi-five

    sounds like a s-load of fun Dan!

    over 7 years ago

  • Nik W.
    Nik W. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    you did great! it was a tough muddy course

    over 7 years ago