Dan Medeiros ran: Tour de Patrick 5K, S...

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  • 3 miles
  • 00:32 time
  • 10:22 pace
  • 369 calories
  • 419 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 5/5 Effort.
    effort 5/5
good St. Pat's 5K, Providence 3.12 mi 00:32 10:22 pace

Tour de Patrick 5K, St. Pat's 5K, Providence, RI: Official time 32:21. Last race in the Tour de Patrick series. Just about half a minute slower than last week's 5K in Worcester -- so I didn't improve over each race in the series, but I chalk it up to a MUCH more crowded race and two nasty hills in mile 2 that slowed me down. Still, overall I'm very happy here.

There were probably about 1,000 more people on the course than last week (the course max was 3,000), so the place was wall-to-wall asses and elbows. There was a lot of jostling through the entire course -- didn't let up the whole way. I started in the 10 min/mi corral and there were still too many people around me who should've started farther back (parents walking little toddlers, for example). I spent most of the first half being boxed in, finding a hole to run through, and getting boxed in again. I nearly tripped on a paper leprechaun hat that blew off some guy's head and landed on my feet. The second mile was hillier. One spectator was yelling "I LOVE HILLS! I LOVE HILLS!" as we ran by. Of course, she was STANDING on one, not moving. The second hill was shorter but steeper, and I needed a very brief walk break as I neared the top of just a hundred meters or less -- just enough to get some breath. Everyone else around me was walking up too.

The third mile was better, mostly downhill, so I recovered, picked up some speed and began to weave around a lot more people. In mile 2 I'd given up the idea of improving on last week's 5K time, but in mile 3 I started wondering if I could pick it back up. I gave it my best shot but I STILL kept getting boxed in -- so I ran along the center line of the road, which was outside the main group of runners. Eventually I missed out on improving my time by 38 seconds.

At one point a guy passed me wearing a kilt, and apparently ONLY a kilt. It flipped up a little while he was running. As he passed me, he was complaining that the pouch he wore in the front of his kilt was "flapping against my nutsack." The girl he was with said, "It's just a few more miles." Poor guy.

1- 10:28
2- 10:58 <-- hills
3- 9:52
last li'l bit: 8:49

  • Pete M.
    Pete M.

    Great run Dan, feel sorry for the guy with the wayward sporran. I'm with you on the hills. Brilliant job.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Tom M.
    Tom M.

    Good race Dan!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Sheri H.
    Sheri H.

    great race Dan. keep it up and you'll get faster. It makes a difference with the amount of people and of course hills.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Roxanne

    Dan great job - my post didn't show up here yesterday! anyway I agree w/ you about having dodge people who should be starting further back. Last yr I began in the 10 min & had to veer around walkers - this yr I began in 8 min & the SAME thing! seriously?? people walking from the 8 min marker? that's just rude!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Abueloruns
    Abueloruns Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    Though the time may not show improvement - you just completed two races in two weeks, great job.. Every race can't be a PR.

    over 7 years ago

  • Mimi
    Mimi Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Great race, sounds like the conditions were a bit tough. WTG on the strong finish!

    over 7 years ago