Friends (104)

  • Jamal B.

    Jamal B.

    Savannah, GA,

  • Hilary F.

    Hilary F.

    Clearwater, FL, To get stronger, faster and healthier.

  • Pavlos


    Athens, GR, The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 2016

  • Healthylife 365

    Healthylife 365

    Little Rock, AR, To live a healthy and productive life. Develop a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.

  • Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Harrisburg, PA, Be able to run sub 8 minutes comfortably again Get back into 5k competative shape Run a 13.5 this year without pain BE HEALTHY

  • Shelia L.

    Shelia L.

    NC, Continue to Improve my time in the half marathon/Marathon. Become a international runner!! Stay as active as possible while having fun.

  • Haley


    TX, to stay in shape and lose weight

  • Patricia J.

    Patricia J.

    Bowie, MD, A Healthier Lifestyle

  • Elis D.

    Elis D.

    Dublin, IE, I ran 21k in 2013 and achieved 148 lbs :-) Wear a bikini asap.

  • Cindy A.

    Cindy A.

    New Orleans, LA, 130lbs

  • Carol


    Boston, MA, 30 minutes of walking per day

  • Chery


    Rochester, NY, Get back in running shape 2015

  • Cintia


    Houston, TX, I'm a wife & mother who wants to stay in shape through exercise and smart nutrition. My goal is to train well and complete many Marathons.

  • Patricia D.

    Patricia D.

    Phoenix, AZ, 2015: Another attempt @ 26.2, stress less & train more

  • James L.

    James L.

    Lindon, UT, 50 IM in 50 consecutive days through all 50 States. Current Guinness World Record holder for Half Ironman and Full Ironman races in a year. (30 fulls)

  • Michele R.

    Michele R.

    Albuquerque, NM, To be as healthy as I can be! Ride Roller Coasters again!!

  • Tammy


    Vidor, TX, my health

  • Oktay Hoca S.

    Oktay Hoca S.

    Ankara, TR, egsersiz yapmak ve herkese egsersiz yaptırmak....spor felsefesini yaymak...yaşam kalıtesını artırmak...

  • Misha


    , to run a marathon ((yikes)) but first some 5k's etc & lose these stubborn 15 lbs

  • Amy N.

    Amy N.

    NC, FINALLY ran my very first marathon! Now it's time to train for a few more marathons and I'm ready to track and share it all here on DM!

  • Isabella


    , Get & stay in a great shape! Challenge myself regularly with new types of workouts, build more strenght and endurance.

  • Deb M.

    Deb M.

    Roswell, GA, Original goal to complete half marathon in 2010- Done! (Thanks Team in Training!) Now I want to continue to get stronger and complete half century ride in 2011.

  • Lashonda A.

    Lashonda A.

    Fairfax, VA, To run at least one more 5K post knee surgery.

  • Lc


    Wichita, KS, I’m training to improve my health, lose weight and build on my self-esteem.

  • Abena A.

    Abena A.

    , a better body and overall health