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learning to love my body for all it allows me to do. 6:30 mile. sub 25 5k. sub 51 10k. sub 2:00 half. p90x/running hybrid. doing 10 REAL pushups!

Wall of Motivation (117)

  1. Cristhiam C.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Heidi R.
      Post a workout!

    I stood you up for a wax about a month ago - apologies. My mother in Minneapo... read more

  3. Amy F.

    Way to truly get ready for the Liberty 5k & beyond!! on a workout

  4. Lil
      You're an Inspiration

    hooray for going shirtless and meeting all your goals for today! And good luc... read more

  5. Amy F.
      You're Badass

    Track work really works you body, mind, & spirit. Way to be tough! on a workout

  6. Amy F.
      You Rock

    Outstanding work ladies!! on a workout

  7. Amy F.
      You're Badass

    Keep on working it out girl ---- it'll get easier ---- you're doing GREAT! on a workout

  8. Rebekah G.
      Nice Job

    chhhheeeoow!! nicely done!!I agree..its super important to have that support ... read more

  9. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Nice sweaty tribute to National Running Day! on a workout

  10. Mike L.
      Nice Job

    You killed you goal, Gen! For feeling as bad as you said, you looked like yo... read more

  11. Amy F.
      Great Performance

    Gen, I wish you didn't use me as a barometer b/c I wasn't at my best. You cou... read more

  12. Lil
      You're an Inspiration

    Looking back is a great reminder of progress. Glad to hear your training is g... read more

  13. Christine T.
      Great Performance

    Whoa! That's awesome! Way to utilize your time at work. on a workout

  14. Christine T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Going to be working on my upper body today. I've got to be more consistent wi... read more

  15. Lil

    way to go beyond your expectations! on a workout

  16. Wendy M.
      Nice Job

    I saw you go by today a little past the 5 mile point, but it was too late to ... read more

  17. Lil

    congrats on being the first female finisher! on a workout

  18. Connie B.
      Nice Job

    GREAT run! Congrats!!! on a workout

  19. Amy F.
      Great Performance

    YOU CAN DEF. DUPLICATE ON RACE DAY!! Typically we go faster on race days, as ... read more

  20. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Doubling up aren't ya girlfriend! ;-) on a workout

  21. Lil
      Good Luck

    I really believe that you can reach your goal for apple blossom! on a workout

  22. Amy F.
      Great Performance

    What an outstanding run G! You def. are very capable of running under 56 at A... read more

  23. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    You're making me tired reading that post! That was a hardcore strength train... read more

  24. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    That's girlpower at it's best!! ;-) on a workout

  25. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Total success!! Way to go!! on a workout

  26. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Girl power! I agree, you rocked! on a workout

  27. Katie S.
      Nice Job

    You bet!! I loved running next to you! Such motivation and you ROCKED it!! on a workout

  28. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a strong run - you've come a long way girlfriend!! on a workout

  29. Mike L.
      Nice Job

    Still amazed at the quick improvement in your pace. Glad to hear that the sh... read more

  30. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Yeah for a great week!! Your pacing is great! on a workout

  31. Lauren A.
      You're an Inspiration

    I'm going to force myself out of bed early tomorrow morning, drive to Purcell... read more

  32. Keegan D.
      Feel Better

    I'm amazed at this pace even though you are sick. Way to get out there and m... read more

  33. Amy F.
      Feel Better

    So sad to read you haven't been feeling well. I know it is just so emotionall... read more

  34. Carrie K.
      Feel Better

    I hear you on the energy level. Even when I started to feel better, it took a... read more

  35. Amy F.
      Great Performance

    You ROCKED that race Gen! I love seeing DM friends at the races - please keep... read more

  36. Amy F.

    Fabulous! on a workout

  37. Adam P.
      Nice Job

    Good job! I agree completely, it doesn't matter how my day has gone, when I g... read more

  38. Michael P.
      Nice Job

    I swear by acupuncture and its done some miraculous stuff for me since I was ... read more

  39.   Get Better

    Hoping for the best! Maybe some Roxy kisses will fix you up? on a workout

  40. Jim R.
      Get Better

    Hope you recover soon! Hoping for good news for you.

  41. Kim G.
      Nice Job

    I need to do these (I always avoid them, but know it's exactly what I need to... read more

  42. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    What STRONG legs you have! on a workout

  43. Lauren A.
      Get Better

    I feel your pain! I'm finishing up week 1 of six weeks off. :-( been biking a... read more

  44. Adam P.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like you had a great workout! on a workout

  45. Glenda O.
      Get Better

    Hope you recover soon! Believe me, you're not the only one! Just listen to ... read more

  46. Amy F.
      Nice Job

    Yea for healing and awesome spinning! on a workout

  47. Zale T.

    You did it!! I am so proud of my 400th friend! (Genevieve was my 400th frien... read more

  48. Lil
      Good Luck

    Good luck on your 10k! on a workout

  49. Samantha G.
      Nice Photos

    Love the new avatar! Looking great!

  50. Ryan Q.
      Great Performance

    nicely done! great race, and good job raising money for a good cause! on a workout